How to increase your e-commerce sales?

Customer relations are at the heart of any company. And the stakes are even higher for e-commerce players. Indeed, without physical interactions, it is essential to stand out, attract the customer and build loyalty by offering an irreproachable service. In order to optimize and perpetuate this relationship, ERP software has its role to play.

Earn your customer's loyalty

Customer relationship begins as soon as the customer visits your website. To retain him and attract his attention, he must quickly find the information he needs about the products, but also about the company in general. The customer needs to be reassured at all times: it is up to you to show him that your company is reliable.

Thanks to the gateway between Odoo and your e-commerce platform, you guarantee your customer reliable information in real time: stock, price, product novelty... You therefore gain your customer's trust and, in the long run, his loyalty.

Opt for simplified commercial management

Once the order is placed on the site, the gateway between Magento (or Prestashop) and Odoo is done automatically. In the case of a B2B transaction, a quote will be generated via Odoo, allowing you to accept or reject certain orders. In the event of cancellation of an order, the customer will be notified directly and automatically by email and via his customer area.

In B2C transactions, payment is generally made directly on the e-commerce platform. The generated purchase order will be transformed into an invoice via your ERP software, sent by email to the customer and available in his customer area.

The connection between your ERP and your e-commerce platform allows you to inform your consumer at each step of the commercial relationship. Thus, in the event of a stock shortage or refusal to take charge of the order on your part, he will be automatically informed by email and via his personal space.

Optimize your logistics

Once the order has been placed and uploaded to Odoo, the logistics process is triggered. First, a preparation form is generated for picking. Once the order has been prepared, it is given to the carrier. At each step of the order preparation process, the ERP software transmits the information to the e-commerce platform, automatic emails are sent to the customer and all the information is available in his customer area.

Thus, the customer can follow in real time the progress of his order and has all the necessary information: shipping date, package number, estimated delivery date... By reassuring your customer, you increase his satisfaction, his confidence and therefore your sales.

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Deliver quality after-sales service

In the event of a return or non-conformity of the order, management is simplified thanks to Odoo's integration with Magento or Prestashop. First, the customer will contact the company by email or ticket generated via the online store. The company can then take charge of the problem and try to find a satisfactory solution.

For an optimal service, the implementation of workflows is a relevant solution. Upon receipt of the customer's request, an automatic "Acknowledgement of Receipt" response will be sent to the customer. Thus, he is informed that his request has been taken into account. This process is reassuring, the customer feels considered and knows that a response from the company will come. Then, it is essential to respond in a personalized way to the customer and to find the best possible solution within a reasonable time (generally 48 to 72 hours after ticket creation). You can find in Odoo, the history of its order at a glance and thus solve the problem effectively

Whatever your distribution channel, your goal is to take care of your customer. However, e-commerce companies must do even more to build a relationship of trust with their consumers. By connecting your ERP software with your e-commerce platform, you guarantee a simplified follow-up of all processes (from order taking to after-sales service).

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