GTEC’s Testimonial After 5 Years with Odoo

For Captivea, GTEC is much more than just a client, they are a long-standing partner !

Over the years, we have built a strong collaboration where each party has been able to contribute their expertise and benefit from the other’s skills. Captivea has shared its expertise in ERP Software deployment, while GTEC has offered us valuable advice in the field of marketing.


GTEC is a marketing agency specializing in IT that was founded in 2008 by Thibaut Baron, a marketing expert with over 15 years of experience. The company assists its clients to bring their projects to life, from conception to launch.

In 2021, Thibaut Baron also co-founded MITI, a marketing agency specializing in the industry.

Like GTEC, MITI also received support from Captivea for both implementing their ERP Software and managing their business functions.

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The tipping point for choosing Odoo? Simply put, their existing systems couldn’t handle the company’s increasing needs.

Google Sheet and Excel spreadsheets created internally did not allow the company to reach its full potential.

GTEC was therefore looking for a flexible and scalable solution that could adapt to their needs in terms of business management and, above all, a solution that could meet their project management needs.

Why They Chose Captivea !

GTEC was already using a software like Odoo, mainly Salesforce for its CRM management. Knowing Captivea already, it was clear to Thibaut Baron that this Odoo Gold partner in France was the right choice for the digital transformation of GTEC.

Captivea was chosen for two main reasons: its recognized expertise in ERP integration and its unique methodology, which stands out on the market. The geographical proximity between Captivea’s offices in Savoie and GTEC’s headquarters in Grenoble reinforced this choice.


With Captivea’s expertise, the migration project to Odoo was a success

  • Efficient project management with Odoo : Ability to manage projects with one-off tasks, recurring tasks, and associated activities, simplified validation, and project steps.
  • Transparent collaboration with Captivea : Respect for the budget, unique methodology, and team efficiency.
  •  Meticulous data cleansing: Continuous technical support and assistance
  • Simplification of the onboarding for new employees: Structured process, automated and centralized tools
  • Smooth migration to the new version of Odoo
« This integration has significantly improved our overall operational processes. Our operations have seen a substantial optimization thanks to the Odoo modules. » Thibaut Baron, Founder of GTEC and Co-Founder MITI


Their opinion on the ERP Odoo

For Thibaut Baron, Odoo exceeded his expectation in a very positive way. It allowed for very efficient project management, as well as better structuring of their quotes, invoicing, and subscriptions.

Human Resources and Project management, which were not in place at all before, are now fully managed on Odoo, which represents real progress for the company.

Thibaut Baron was able to see a significant improvement in the management of his companies. When he created his new company MITI, he was able to quickly deploy Odoo in multi-company mode.

« Odoo was intuitive and fluid to use, and we were able to configure many aspects ourselves. 

One anecdote that illustrates the success of Odoo in our company is the rapid and efficient deployment of the platform when we created our new company, MITI. Thanks to Odoo’s multi-company feature, we quickly and easily configured project management, CRM, quotes, and sales. 

This experience was extremely satisfying and demonstrative of Odoo’s ease of use and flexibility. » 
Thibaut Baron, Founder of GTEC and Co-Founder MITI

Their opinion on Captivea’s project management

The project deployment was relatively quick, with full implementation in about 3 months. Thibaut Baron emphasizes the attentiveness and proactivity of the Captivea team, offering GTEC continuous assistance and support.

The positive point for GTEC in the implementation project with Captivea lies in the methodology adopted. The team was impressed by the accuracy of the first budget established, which turned out to be higher than their actual expenses. This is an unusual situation, especially in migration projects where expenses often exceed initial estimates.

Convinced by the advantages of Odoo and the services of Captivea, Thibaut Baron, founder of GTEC and MITI, actively recommends this ERP solution. Why not you?

« The Captivea team was a valuable guide for me throughout the process. I would present them with my needs and ideas, and they would always suggest one or two different approaches to achieve them. 

I particularly appreciate the fact that I had the choice between adjusting my expectations to match Odoo’s standards or opting for more specific developments to exactly meet my needs. » 
Thibaut Baron, Founder of GTEC and Co-Founder MITI

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