Gain mobility with a cloud ERP

Discover how cloud ERP can help you tackle daily challenges and seize new opportunities to advance your business!

Looking for a solution to facilitate collaboration among your teams and improve your company's management? Cloud ERP could be the answer to your needs. With its ability to offer unmatched mobility, this technology will transform the way you work.

Cloud ERP, a solution that enables your employees to telecommute with peace of mind!

One of the major advantages of a cloud ERP is its ability to facilitate telecommuting or work while on business trips. Your employees can access internal data and various ERP functionalities from any location with an internet connection, whether it's from their home, on the go, or on a mission.

For example, your salesperson can update customer information and access sales data from their home, enabling them to remain productive even outside the office.

Additionally, your employees can easily communicate with each other through various tools integrated into their ERP systems (such as Odoo, Acumatica, or Cegid XRP Flex), including:

  • Instant messaging
  • Voice messages
  • Video calls

This enables them to strengthen collaboration among team members and project coordination, even when physically dispersed.


Access to your ERP on any platform

Through a cloud ERP, users have the ability to access essential information and functionalities via their mobile device, tablet, or computer, provided they have an internet connection. This geographical mobility enhances the responsiveness and efficiency of your business, giving you the ability to make critical decisions in real-time.

The benefits associated with the accessibility of a cloud ERP across multiple platforms include:

  • Immediate access to crucial business data and tools regardless of your geographical location
  • Real-time updates on all activities for managers
  • Enhanced collaboration among team members through cloud accessibility

A concrete example of the advantage of accessing a cloud ERP on different platforms would be that of an operations manager working on their iPad during a business trip. While on the move, they receive a notification about a production issue. Using their iPad to access the cloud ERP, they quickly identify the source of the problem and take immediate action without returning to the office. This underscores the positive impact of cloud ERP on productivity and responsiveness, regardless of the platform used.

Simplify your on-site interventions by editing quotes & invoices in real time

Using a cloud-based business management software also facilitates real-time creation of quotes and invoices. This is particularly relevant for mobile service sectors such as plumbing, electrical work, or artisanal services.

For individuals working in these sectors, you can:

  • Instantly create quotes and invoices on-site
  • Have direct access to client information and billing data
  • Benefit from immediate access to various ERP modules, such as inventory management and accounting, allowing for complete and transparent management of the invoicing process
  • Track payments and overdue payments in real-time, giving you the ability to take proactive measures to minimize financial risks
  • Reduce manual input errors through automation of the quote and invoice creation processes

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Instant access to data

Consultants and ERP integrators working directly at client sites can leverage the numerous benefits of instant access to data provided by a cloud ERP. With this feature, they have a comprehensive and up-to-date view of the project, enabling them to make informed decisions and provide more responsive service.

Unlike traditional systems, cloud ERP allows real-time access to information without delays or the need for manual synchronization. Additionally, data is securely stored in the cloud, reducing the risks of data loss or corruption.

By having access to project specifications, client data, and up-to-date configurations, consultants can better collaborate with internal and external teams.

In conclusion

In summary, the integration of a cloud ERP offers a multitude of advantages for modern businesses. From facilitating telecommuting to improving geographical mobility, simplifying billing processes, and providing instant access to data for consultants in the field, this tool is an indispensable ally for staying competitive in an ever-evolving environment.

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