Expanding your ERP system with Odoo connectors

Odoo is the dream ERP software for all businesses who want to go beyond the limitations imposed by "off-the-shelf" ERP programs. Thanks to its open-source aspect and the 10,000 applications that are already offered, Odoo enjoys virtually infinite customization options while retaining all the benefits of a more "traditional" ERP system (see our article on the topic "5 received ideas about Odoo ERP") We will be working through the main connectors implemented for Odoo ERP together to shed some light on the issue.


Odoo connectors for finance and accounting

It is rare for finance and accounting to be managed wholly through the ERP system. Indeed, a number of medium-sized enterprises use accounting providers to help them with this task. As such, the management application software must be capable of  communicating information that accountants need to manage the balance sheet, management accounts, and so on with ease.

With some ERP systems, extracting data for transfer can very quickly become a nightmare of complexity. With Odoo, it's the complete opposite. By installing the right connectors (such as to Quadra software, which is the most widely used in accountancy practices), monthly data is transmitted completely automatically. If you prefer to send the data manually, that's no problem at all - just change the configuration of the connector! Child's play if you have the support of a good integrator.

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Odoo connectors for e-commerce

The sales department is, obviously, a crucial department for any business. Even though  Odoo manages that vast majority of the process, some e-commerce companies prefer to  retain their online websites that are created in Magento or Prestashop, for example.

In  that case, you can effectively connect the ERP system and the e-commerce site. Once  again, Odoo has an answer for everything!

A very wide range of connectors has been  developed by the Odoo community to manage sales via the website and invoicing via the  ERP as simply as possible. Your integrator must remain your main point of contact so  that you can avoid entering into overly technical discussions with the publishers of  connector software.

The integrator will act as an intermediary in selecting the connector, integrating it, and managing its operations.   

Another essential aspect of Odoo connectors for sales relates to banking systems. On an e-commerce website, the ability to offer online payment is essential and, once again,  your ERP system must be able to manage the "dialog" with the banks. As each bank has  its own operational model, adjustments will be required to the "standard" connector but can be completed by your integrator very easily (and the same applies to international banks!).

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Odoo connectors for logistics

Once customers have has bought a product on your website, they want to receive their purchases quickly. That's completely logical. If logistics activities are not fully automated in your ERP and you have to re-enter data, etc., you risk losing valuable time.

With Odoo ERP and its dedicated logistics modules, the problem is largely resolved. Nonetheless, relationships with couriers such as DHL, Fedex, UPS, etc. still need to be managed.

Indeed, interfaces for giant American overnight services such as FedEx do exist, but for "local" delivery services, bespoke connectors need to be developed.

Captivea has therefore built a connector between Odoo and Colissimo and provides this to its clients. This enables them, for example, to calculate the exact shipping rate for the customer, to print suitable labels, and to generate packing lists, etc. These represent considerable time savings for the logistics department. In view of the enthusiastic response this connector has received, Captivea's teams are currently finalizing connectors for the TNT and Asendia delivery services.  

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Finally Odoo connectors for everything

As you will appreciate, Odoo is an open, ERP solution that supports change and adapts to your specific requirements. Odoo is the opposite of management software that forces you to comply with its own operating models.

The publisher has specifically chosen not to specialize in a particular sector, as the plethora of modules and connectors on offer is sufficient to customize the ERP solution. If, by some chance, you can't find what you're looking for in the Odoo ecosystem, your integrator will be able to respond to your request with a little bespoke development.

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