ERP E-commerce connection: don't waste time!

"Every day you lose, it's a lost sale." You are convinced that the future growth of your company depends on the ad hoc integration of ERP software into your Magento or Prestashop e-commerce site... But how can you prevent the project from taking too long?

Make way for efficiency! Discover in a few minutes the key success factors for the rapid and successful deployment of your ERP project and a successful integration with your Magento or Prestashop e-commerce platform.

Three, two, one... Let's go! 

Choose the best partner

For the success of your project to integrate your ERP with your Magento or Prestashop e-commerce, have a specialist in the field assist you from the beginning of the project. He will have to answer the following triptych of skills:

  • knowledge of the e-commerce market
  • expertise in Magento or Prestashop e-commerce platforms
  • expertise on the chosen ERP and information system

The benefits: you no longer have to worry about the "dark side of force", you can concentrate on your core business while benefiting from the experience of a reliable partner from the very beginning of your project.

Choose the best methodology

Pay attention to the methodology your partner will propose to you. Because to ensure a rapid and efficient deployment, it is of paramount importance: framing phase, roadmap, training, delivery...

Agile methods are to be preferred, or even very strongly recommended, for this type of project since they allow to work in an incremental way and therefore very operational for visible results quickly.

Benefits: an operational ERP E-commerce connection much faster, without compromising your future scalability and scalability needs.

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Do not mix up speed with precipitation

Your ERP is becoming the central point of your Information System. It is therefore necessary to think about the project as a whole (needs, challenges, anticipated evolutions, implementation of Magento or Prestashop ERP connectors, etc.) from the outset so as not to see it drag on for too long...

A serious ERP integrator will help you to define your project correctly beforehand so that the deployment process does not encounter problems later on. It is better to think before acting, otherwise you would risk finding yourself in the middle of the ford for many months... and your sales would inevitably suffer!

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But don't worry: once you're up and running and supported by the right provider, you'll only have to wait a few weeks to appreciate the substantial benefits of your ERP E-commerce connection: time savings, centralized information, better data management.

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