Cegid bank synchronization : be in total synchronization with your banks !

Cegid has developed Cegid Relations Bancaires(CRB), integrated directly into your Cegid XRP Flex ERP, to meet the specific needs of companies in terms of banking management and communication. CRB relies on the most advanced technologies to offer companies efficient management of their payments, collections and financial flows.

The key features of Cegid Banking Relationship

CRB is positioned as a complete and modular solution, offering many features to simplify and secure corporate banking operations. Key features include payment and collection management, enhanced security thanks to the EBICS protocol, and adaptability and accessibility via various channels.

Payment and collection management

CRB offers a complete and efficient solution to facilitate day-to-day banking processes. Thanks to its advanced features, Cegid Banking Relationship enables proactive management of incoming and outgoing financial flows, providing companies with complete visibility into their liquidity.

  • Invoice Management & Bank Reconciliations: CRB offers built-in invoice management features, allowing you to track and manage their customer and supplier invoices efficiently. In addition, the automatic bank reconciliation feature makes it easy to consolidate bank transactions with ledger entries, ensuring the accuracy of financial data.
  • Payment & Collection Automation: Advanced automation tools will simplify payment and collection processes. You can set up custom rules to automate recurring payments, direct debits, transfers, and more. Processing times are reduced, and liquidity management is optimized.
  • Real-Time Tracking of Financial Flows: You will be able to track their incoming and outgoing financial flows in real-time. This visibility allows your financial managers to make decisions and manage your cash flow effectively.
  • Risk Management and Transaction Security: You'll be able to set custom access permissions and put robust security controls in place to protect your sensitive financial data. Transactions are secured with advanced encryption protocols, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of the information.

Transaction security with the EBICS protocol

The security of transactions with the EBICS protocol is a crucial element of the Cegid Relations Bancaires(CRB) solution. This protocol offers a high level of security to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of banking information exchanged between the sender and receiver.

  • Data Encryption: Advanced encryption is used to secure data passing between different stakeholders. Data is end-to-end encrypted, ensuring its confidentiality throughout the transmission process.
  • Strong authentication: EBICS offers a strong authentication mechanism between the sender and receiver of transactions. CRB users must provide secure credentials and authentication codes to validate transactions, reducing the risk of fraud and identity theft.
  • Electronic Signature: Transactions made via EBICS are signed electronically, which guarantees their authenticity and integrity. Each transaction is accompanied by a digital signature, allowing stakeholders to verify its origin and integrity.
  • Traceability of Transactions: You will be assured of complete traceability of transactions carried out via the EBICS protocol. Every operation is recorded and kept in an audit log, allowing businesses to track and verify transaction history at any time.
  • Access Control: CRB offers advanced access control features, allowing you to set custom access permissions for each user. Administrators can manage access rights based on each user's roles and responsibilities, enhancing transaction security.

Integration with Cegid XRP Flex ERP

The integration of Cegid Banking Relationships (CRB) with Cegid XRP Flex is a key part of its value proposition. This seamless integration offers many benefits to businesses, allowing them to enjoy a smooth and consistent user experience.

  • Data Interoperability: CRB uses standardized interoperability standards and protocols to facilitate data exchange with Cegid XRP Flex. This approach ensures maximum compatibility with existing systems, reducing development and integration efforts.
  • Real-Time Synchronization: Cegid Banking Relationship provides you with real-time synchronization of your banking data. This allows you to always have access to up-to-date information.
  • Process Automation: This integration allows you to automate your company's business processes. For example, bank data can be automatically imported into the company's accounting system, reducing data entry errors and duplicates.
  • Customization and Configuration: Advanced customization and configuration options are available to meet your business needs. You can define custom rules and workflows for the integration of your bank data.

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How CRB can benefit your business

Streamlining banking processes

You benefit from a significant simplification of your banking processes. Automating repetitive tasks allows your finance teams to streamline payment and collection processes, reducing the chances of errors and oversights.

The centralization of banking information offered by CRB allows you to have an overview of all your accounts and transactions. This centralization facilitates decision-making and cash management.

Securing financial transactions

Securing financial transactions is a top priority for CRB. With strong authentication and data encryption, businesses can exchange sensitive information with confidence, without fear of fraud or cyberattacks.

Cegid Banking Relationship offers advanced internal control of financial flows, allowing you to define validation circuits and control each transaction precisely. This feature enhances the security and compliance of financial transactions.

Access your data from anywhere for flexible management

Because Cegid XRP Flex is a cloud-based ERP, CRB allows your finance teams to work flexibly and efficiently, wherever they are, and monitor your bank accounts in real-time.



Cegid Banking Relationship is an essential solution for companies wishing to simplify and secure their banking operations. Being integrated with Cegid XRP Flex, its advanced features and numerous advantages allow it to offer a response adapted to the specific needs of companies, thus contributing to their financial success.

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