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Who is wee do accounting ?

We Doo Accounting, in collaboration with Captivea, introduces a tailored accounting management solution based on Odoo. With a presence in France and the United States, their commitment is to enable you to manage your accounting within your environment by working in collaboration with you. Finally, up-to-date financial information to empower you to steer your business.

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Enhance your decision-making with real-time up-to-date accounting through We Doo Accounting

Benefit from having an accountant who uses the same software as you!

Having both an accountant and a team of accounting consultants using the same software as your company ensures seamless integration of financial data, consolidating all transactions, expenses, and income within your Odoo environment. You ensure that the Odoo accounting application is properly configured. Your management actions are automatically translated into accounting language. If any errors are identified, the accountant and their team correct the configuration of your application. 

Collaborating with the accountant is strengthened when you use the same software. This synergy promotes in-depth financial analysis, accurate forecasts, and effective budget planning.

An accountant and their team familiarized with the company's software produce financial information, enabling you to have data to manage and make informed decisions. The accountant conducts analyses to assess the impact of various decisions on the company's finances.

Receive personalized support

Receiving personalized support means having access to specialized assistance tailored to your needs. The accountants at We Doo Accounting can provide personalized advice and recommendations based on your company's financial situation and goals. This individualized support offers you a better understanding of your financial situation, allowing you to fully leverage Odoo's features.

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Combine Odoo with the expertise of We Doo Accounting

The Odoo accounting module for real-time accounting management

With Odoo, you can act swiftly by instantly accessing reliable financial data. These real-time data enable you to adjust your strategies, launch new projects, and make better decisions.

Automate your financial and accounting reports with Odoo

Thanks to automation with Odoo, the risks of errors in accounting are minimized. Transactions are recorded accurately, and calculations are performed automatically, reducing the risks of typos or omissions.

Utilize an expert Odoo accountant for regulatory compliance

Odoo enables you to quickly generate customized reports and conduct in-depth analyses. A certified Odoo accountant can then provide you with information on the financial health of the company. This ensures regulatory compliance and risk management. With integrated features meeting legal requirements, the software minimizes the risks of non-compliance and financial errors.


Innovate your accounting with wee doo accounting and Captivea

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