Business management software: an essential key to success in business takeovers

Taking over a company is an exciting but risky challenge for any entrepreneur. How can a deteriorated situation be rectified? Or even more difficult: how to increase the performance of a healthy society?

Generally, the audit of the IT system as a whole (effective functioning, performance, capacity for evolution) is included in the audit of the production tool. In addition to accounting, financial, legal, tax, social or industrial audits. No more, no less.

I am taking over a company.... Why should I be interested in his IT tool?

The information system defines all the hardware and software of a company. It is the driving force behind the company's business. The information system is thus at the center of the processes: it defines the way in which all the company's departments operate, it structures its management, it organizes production and management.

In short, it is one of the main levers of future performance gains and it is inconceivable not to take a close interest in it. And yet, it is often underestimated by the future buyer....

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My company is not or only slightly IT-implemented...

Why should I consider its digital transformation?

You will have to understand it: if the company you intend to take over is not or only slightly computerized, you will be able to easily increase its economic efficiency by rationalizing its processes.

At the heart of the IS, the business management software (and even more so the IT partner you choose to set it up) will have to comply with the specificities of your activity while instilling good practices at all levels of your company.

One example among others: commercial performance. The CRM brick of ERP software is a solution dedicated to better organize the business process.

The sales forces will have a system to organize their reminders allowing them to significantly improve their sales: up to 30% increase in turnover!

My company is already well IT equipped...

Why modernize your information system?

If your company is already well computerized, it is just as urgent to address the issue. Indeed, IT is evolving at a very high speed and what was still impossible a few years ago, is possible today.

An example: multi-site. If your company has several establishments and was computerized about ten years ago, it is very likely that it has been forced to think about its processes on an establishment by establishment basis.

Today, with the advent of the Cloud, processes can be thought of in a more global way: which opens the way to new ways of organization and collaboration!

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40% increase in performance

A modernization of the information system can bring up to 40% performance gains. What you need to start your business recovery with peace of mind....

The most urgent thing will then be to look at the question of the management software and all the bricks that make it up (CRM, HR, Quotation and Invoice Management, etc.). But even more important than the tool itself: the IT partner who must be able to set up your new information system, to make your company more efficient while adapting the tools to the specificities of your business.

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