Automate your accounting operations with Odoo in 2024

This feature ensures comprehensive and transparent management of your company.

This update to the accounting module introduces a new range of features to streamline, automate and optimize the process of managing accounting transactions. From custom invoice creation to accurate payment and receipt tracking, including automated management of credits and taxes, this ERP provides you with a powerful tool to maintain organized and accurate accounting within your company.

Manage your customer and supplier invoices efficiently

Benefit from effective management of customer and supplier invoices

The customer and supplier invoice management feature of Odoo 17's accounting module offers you a comprehensive solution for efficiently managing your financial transactions.

It gives you the ability to easily create invoices for your customers and suppliers, customizing them according to your needs. You can also accurately track the status of invoices and financial transactions within your company in real time.

Simplify credit management with Odoo 17

With the new version of Odoo, you can automatically identify credits and refunds with Optical Character Recognition (OCR). You can also use credit notes to settle future invoices. 

Additionally, Odoo automatically generates credits notes to offset your existing invoices in case you where you need to refund your customers or suppliers. 

Optimize your tax management 

You can easily manage taxes for your customer and supplier invoices with Odoo. You will also configure applicable tax rates and systematically assign them to invoices. 

The display of taxes from all locations in the form is enhanced through the "Taxonomy of taxes" feature. You will be able to assign codes in their names, allowing you to manage your taxes effectively.

Tracking payments and receipts

Automate payment matching

The accounting module provides you with the ability to reconcile received payments with corresponding invoices. This enables you to always maintain a clear and accurate record of payments made and outstanding invoices.

With this ERP for finance, you can automatically reconcile based on matching amounts or you can do it manually by selecting the appropriate invoices.

Easily analyze payments and receipts of your company

This feature facilitates tracking your payments and receipts by incorporating a series of reports and analyses.

Furthermore, Odoo provides you with top-notch analysis tools that allow you to visualize reports on invoice statuses within your company, enabling you to make informed cash management decisions.


Automate your reminder management

Ensure timely payment with Odoo

This system allows you to track pending payments and empower your customer reminders in case of late payment.

The customer reminder management feature, with Odoo software, offers you a comprehensive solution for managing your pending payments. This will also facilitate your debt collection process.

Enjoy automated payment links

You can easily generate a payment link for customers with this ERP. This link can be sent to your customers via email or other communication channels.

Moreover, with this integrated management system, you can easily handle the payment process for your customers, avoiding the hassles associated with checks or bank transfers. Odoo also automatically sends reminders to your customers based on your settings.

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