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Captivea offers support for your Odoo ERP needs. We are an Odoo Gold Partner located in the USA with a consultant team dedicated to your success.

Maximize Your Odoo ERP Usage and Functionality With Top Level Odoo Support Services From Captivea

Get peace of mind with a top-rated Odoo partner and take advantage of everything this software has to offer!

ERP Process Consulting 

Data + Database Migration

Custom Developments

Set-Up and Implementation

Daily Maintenance and  Updates

Support For Odoo Enterprise

Regardless of which hosting type you chose, as an Odoo Gold Partner we can provide tech support for your Odoo hosted on Odoo Online, Odoo.sh or on your own server.

Support For Odoo Community

Captivea does not currently offer support for Odoo Community users. However, we do provide some resources that can help answer any questions you may have. Please refer to our Odoo Guide Page

We encourage you to try Odoo Enterprise to get access to more Odoo features and support. Set up a demo with us today to discover Odoo enterprise.

Our Odoo Support  Services

Basic Level Support From Odoo

Each Odoo Online Subscription comes with free access to Odoo's online support.

This includes

  • Providing access to Odoo source material including guidelines, product documentation and more
  • Answers to issues that you may encounter in Odoo's standard database build
  • Billing Questions about your account or subscription
  • Resolving minor bugs related to system errors during customization
  • Test environment and updated related issues

Captivea offers all of these services and more to make sure your Odoo ERP is optimized for your business.

Captivea Odoo Technical Support Services

As an Odoo Gold Partner, Captivea offers top-level Odoo support for your business or organization. Our technical support services include the following:

  • Discovery and analysis of your company to help you identify challenges, define your needs, and strategically implement your Odoo software.
  • Support or creation of specific developments or customizations within your database
  • User training  
  • Database migration from other platforms and previous versions of Odoo
  • Import of documents into your new database
  • Consultation on which configurations to apply inside of a module or your Odoo database
  • Upgrades to the latest version of Odoo with secure backups of your database
  • Daily support and assistance with Odoo, ask questions and get answers directly from your company's designated consultant team
  • Odoo project monitoring
  • Code customization

Our Supported Versions of Odoo

  • Odoo Version 17
  • Odoo Version 16
  • Odoo Version 15
  • Odoo Version 14
  • Odoo Version 13
  • Odoo Version 12
  • Odoo Version 11
  • Odoo Version 10
  • Odoo Version 9*
  • Odoo Version 8*

If you run an older version of Odoo...

Odoo has always been a powerful software and has grown exponentially over the years in terms of features and functionality. If you are running an old version of Odoo or its former versions OpenERP or Tiny ERP. We suggest upgrading to take full advantage of what Odoo has to offer. 

Odoo is currently on version 17, it's the latest and greatest version of Odoo to date. Our consultants are already certified on Odoo 14,15,16 and are ready to assist. To learn more about Odoo v17 visit our Odoo information page.

Discover Odoo version 17

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