Are You Ready For Odoo 15?

Each year Odoo releases a new updated version of the Odoo ERP software. This year it's version 15. Odoo 15 will be launched during the two-day online Odoo experience event that will be hosted October 6th through the 7th

Odoo is a suite of open source business apps fully integrated into one powerful and customizable management software capable of covering a wide range of business needs.

Odoo 15 is expected to include several key improvements that push it beyond version 14 which was released in 2020. This will be Odoo's latest and greatest version of its ERP software!

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Odoo 15 Expected Features A Glance

There are several new features in Odoo 15 that we are expecting to see during its launch.

The list of expected features include

Sales and POS

Odoo 15 will have newly designed e-commerce page layouts as well as a new coupon and promotions program for the Odoo Point of Sales module. Expect improved gift card support for Odoo Sales and Odoo Website. 

Products will be markable as favorites and filtered. Odoo 15 will have the option to add a customer signature in a sale order. Customers will also have the option to ship products later. Customers will aslo have the option to subscribe to recuring orders and shipping. 


Odoo 15 will include the option to use a giftcard as a payment method. The option to have customers stay on a shop page after adding a product to the cart can be configured,


Odoo 15 users will have the ability to generate a CSV file containing all the information needed to electronically file company 1099 reports in bulk as well as the ability to generate NACHA  (National Automated Clearing House Association) files for batch payment processing. 

Increased Functionality 

Updated spreadsheets that will include useful features such as formula assistant, real-time collaboration, edit bar, find & replace, and more. Odoo 15 will allow you to edit charts and data views using Odoo studio. importing for products and customers has also been improved. 

Lead Management & Website Builder 

Odoo 15's redesigned lead and pipeline management will now include a  new Gmail addon that will allow for the creation of leads directly in Gmail. Web builder will add custom shape and design functionality for images.

Another major upgrade is the ability to make websites even faster. By inputting key information such as your indestry and business colors, Odoo can quickly build a website for you.

Inventory Adjustments 

in Odoo V15 invorty has been revamed with new filters to detect negative stocks and duplicated serial numbers. The ability to schedule cycle counts on inventory locations has also been added.

Social Tools

Odoo Version 15 will include Instagram integration! Businesses will be able to manage social media from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and and now Instagram from one place in Odoo 15!

Welcome To Odoo Experience 2021

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Other Notable Odoo 15 Features

New HTML Editor

 A new HTML editor for modules outside of the website builder powered by Yolodoo Editor


 Better compatibility with payment provider APIs and improved payment validation

Java Script Support

Support for native JS modules

Debug Mode

 A  new debug asset mode and support for source map generation

Reports and Invoice Customization

Customize reports in odoo according to your brand. Odoo 15 allows users to add watermarks and background images to reports and invoices.

Odoo 15 New Feature Image Gallery

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