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Set up an ERP system

Currently ERP is an essential software to have in a company. The software used by the company must be modern software, adapted to the new technologies available. ERPs now provide many functionalities to increase the profitability of companies by optimizing all their processes.

The ERP can be used by all departments of a company, so data will be shared and therefore more easily usable.

ERP not only facilitates internal work, it also improves customer relations.

There are many open source ERP software (see our "Top 5 Open source ERP" article for more information) before choosing which one to use by a company it is important to know what the company's needs are.

The benefits of ERP open source software

After setting up an ERP, you also have to think about the future. Indeed, the company's needs change regularly. It is therefore necessary that the software be able to adapt to the company's growth.

With open source ERP software it is easy to adapt the software. It will be easier to make configuration changes and develop new modules or make additional developments on open source software.

In a few years, the software will not be obsolete, it will have evolved with the company and will still be able to continue to do so.

Our favorite erp software

There are many quality open source ERP software, such as Compierre, Dolibarr, IDempierre, ERPNext, Apache OFBiz, Easy ERP (to name a few), but our favorite is the Odoo software.

Odoo is the most complete open source ERP software and is suitable for everyone.

Indeed Odoo is an intuitive and modern interface, easy to use. Odoo also has thousands of applications available (free or not) to download. For each need, there is an application on the Odoo app store.

Odoo can be easily integrated into all company departments with its CRM, HR management, marketing automation module, warehouse and inventory management, application to manage retail, website creation and management, e-commerce site creation and management, sales management, etc... The list is very long.

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.