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ERP solution for RESTAURANT & BAR industry

As a restaurant or bar manager, you must manage inventory, plan menus, track orders in relation to your seating plan, administer staff, retain customers, and juggle other tasks. You also need to monitor changes in consumer preferences, fluctuations in raw material costs, and regulatory constraints.

With an ERP, reinvent your approach to doing business, control your costs, perfect your customer service, and boost your business development. Centralize your data and automate your processes within an integrated solution that will enable you to make strategic decisions, anticipate market trends, and create an exceptional experience for your customers.

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The benefits of using an ERP for restaurant & bar

Enhance customer service

Implementing an ERP for restaurants and bars can transform customer service, offering a seamless and enjoyable experience for customers while optimizing internal operations.

An ERP solution like Odoo offers features and tools dedicated to the restaurant and bar sector. These include: 

  • A graphic and interactive floor plan: It helps avoid order errors in your establishment by associating tables with specific customer orders. This allows staff to easily track where each order needs to be served, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Various and innovative payment options: These include solutions such as payment via iPhone, through a payment link, etc. They allow customers to settle their bills quickly and securely via their smartphones or tablets. This simplifies the payment process, reduces queues, and creates a smoother customer experience.
  • Ordering systems adapted to the latest trends: Allow your customers to place their orders directly through quick-access order kiosks or simply via your website. These devices offer a convenient alternative for visitors who prefer to place their orders without an intermediary. They help reduce queues and decrease the workload of servers, while providing a fast and intuitive ordering option for customers.
  • Order-taking tools for your servers, directly connected to the bar or kitchen: These quick order-taking tools can accommodate the specific needs of your clientele (food allergies, dietary preferences, etc.). Service becomes more coordinated as chefs and bartenders receive orders instantly, reducing wait times for customers and improving staff efficiency. This also ensures that dishes and drinks are prepared exactly as requested.

Furthermore, ERPs are designed to seamlessly integrate with any existing systems within your establishment. Through the integration of IoT (Internet of Things), restaurants and bars can offer faster services. Order-taking and payments can now be facilitated through modern tools such as tablet or phone applications, and card payments connected to accounting systems. This reduces the risk of errors both during order-taking and billing. By connecting your cash register to your ERP, closing out at the end of the evening becomes effortless.

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Adopt effective strategic management with decision support features

The integration of an ERP system revolutionizes how restaurateurs and bar owners approach managing their operations. These professionals make better strategic decisions thanks to advanced features:

  • Real-time inventory management
  • Menu planning based on data
  • Predictive analysis

The software provides them with access to accurate and up-to-date information on sales, labor costs, consumer trends, and much more. This enables them to quickly adjust their business strategies to maximize profitability and operational efficiency.

For example, in a high-end restaurant, the chef can closely monitor the levels of key ingredients and manage orders based on anticipated demand using the real-time inventory management feature. If salmon sales consistently increase on weekends, the system can automatically generate orders to ensure the restaurant never runs out of this popular item.

Integrated management software provides comprehensive visibility into all aspects of restaurant or bar operations. Managers can gain a better understanding of their business performance and identify areas with high potential for improvement. This results in better resource allocation, waste reduction, and overall process optimization.

Consider the case of a trendy downtown bar. Using predictive analysis enables anticipating consumer trends. The establishment can adjust its menu and promotions by studying centralized information in the ERP to maximize revenue and customer loyalty. The most sought-after drinks and cocktails will be highlighted accordingly.

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Become more efficient while reducing costs

ERP software offers an integrated solution to streamline the operational processes of restaurants and bars, enhancing their performance and cutting their costs. These businesses centralize their operations and streamline their processes by incorporating the various business functions of these systems: ​

  • Inventory management
  • Menu management
  • Invoicing
  • Human resources management 
  • Tracking expenses and revenue ​

This results in reducing manual tasks and errors and better utilization of available resources. For instance, by automating the ordering and restocking processes, restaurateurs can avoid overstocking and stockouts. They decrease costs associated with managing food and beverage inventory and enhance the overall profitability of their establishments.

Moreover, by granting you comprehensive visibility into your expenses and revenues, business management software enables you as a manager to make better financial decisions. You will ensure the profitability and financial stability of your company in the long term through analytical reports on sales and profits. If you manage a bar, this holistic view will assist you in planning your future investments and refining your business strategies.

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The main features of an ERP for the restaurant and bar sector


Appointment Planning and Management

Simplify appointment scheduling for a seamless customer experience in the restaurant and bar sector-focused ERP. Automate appointment bookings, synchronize calendars, and minimize wait times for effective time management and maximum customer satisfaction.


Billing and Payment Management

Create invoices, track payments, and optimize payment deadlines to maintain a healthy cash flow. Benefit from an automated solution that streamlines your billing and payment processes for the restaurant and bar sector.


Blog and Content Platform

Engage your audience and establish authority in your field with an integrated blog and content platform. Publish relevant and captivating content to attract and retain customers in the for restaurants and bars sector.


Business Intelligence and Reporting

Analyze trends, evaluate performance, and draw valuable insights from your ERP software to guide your company's growth. Make better decisions through in-depth data analysis and customized reports for the restaurant and bar sector.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Management

Cultivate strong relationships with your customers and increase sales with a comprehensive and efficient management solution. Track leads, automate sales processes, and personalize your communication to boost your company's revenue in restaurant and bar sector-focused ERP.


Digital Marketing Campaigns & Marketing Automation

Optimize your marketing efforts with targeted digital marketing campaigns and intelligent automation from your ERP. Create, customize, track, automate, and analyze to increase customer engagement and maximize conversions for the restaurant and bar industry.


Document Management

Facilitate document management in the restaurant and bar sector-focused ERP with a centralized and secure solution. Store, share, and collaborate on documents in real-time while securing your data.


Expense Report Management

Enhance expense report management for the restaurant and bar sector through the use of an ERP. Track expenses, automate reimbursements, and ensure employee satisfaction.


Financial and Accounting Management

Keep a close eye on your finances in the for the restaurant and bar sector with an ERP software ensuring your financial and accounting management. Manage cash flows, budgets, and financial reports for effective financial management of your business.


Inventory Management

Optimize inventory management and be prepared to meet all demands in the for restaurants and bars. Track stock levels, manage supplies, and minimize stockouts to ensure customer satisfaction.


Leave and Absence Planning

Ensure effective workforce planning by simplifying leave and absence management. Track leave requests, establish flexible policies, and minimize schedule conflicts to maintain high productivity for the restaurant and bar sector.


Personnel Administration

Enhance employee performance and satisfaction with simplified HR management. Manage their data, automate administrative processes, and ensure regulatory compliance to establish transparent and efficient personnel management in the for restaurants and bars sector.


POS Restaurant & Bar

Address the specific needs of your restaurant or bar with a dedicated point of sale system. Manage orders, track your service and kitchen teams in real-time to deliver an exceptional customer experience.


Purchasing Management

Simplify the procurement process to reduce costs and optimize operations in the restaurant and bar sector-focused ERP. Automate workflows, manage suppliers, and optimize purchase contracts to ensure the quality of products and services.


Quality Management

Ensure compliance with the highest quality standards for the restaurant and bar industry. Identify and correct non-conformities, track performance, and guarantee customer satisfaction by delivering superior quality products and services.


Recruitment and Talent Management

Attract and retain top talent for the restaurant and bar sector with an effective recruitment and talent management solution. Post job openings, evaluate candidates, and develop your team's skills to accelerate your company's growth.


Website and eCommerce Management

Expand your online presence and boost sales for the restaurant and bar industry. Create dynamic websites, optimize SEO, and maximize conversions with an integrated platform for website and eCommerce management.

Choose the Right ERP for Your business!

Odoo ERP

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software Odoo is an open-source platform tailored to the needs of the retail sector. It offers a plethora of business applications such as financial and accounting management, business intelligence and reporting, customer relationship management (CRM) and sales, Point of Sale (POS), website and e-commerce management, inventory management, purchasing management, digital marketing campaigns, and marketing automation. Everything is designed to streamline their operations and ensure their competitiveness.


  • Worldwide ERP solution
  • Based Cloud ERP Solution or On Premise ERP Solution
  • Prices per users
  • Adapted for small businesses and mid-market businesses
  • +40 000 apps availables on Odoo Marketplace

The activities of businesses in this sector

Companies in the restaurant and bar industry engage in a diverse range of activities aimed at creating unique and memorable culinary experiences for their customers:


Dining establishments offering full meals, ranging from fine dining restaurants to fast food outlets, with dine-in or takeaway service.

Bars and pubs

Establishments specializing in the sale of alcoholic (cocktails, beers, wines, etc.) and non-alcoholic beverages, often accompanied by light dishes or snacks.

Breweries and microbreweries

Establishments brew their own craft beer and offer house beers and food pairings.


Accommodation establishments offering hospitality services, dining options, and often additional amenities such as conference rooms, spas, and recreational activities.

Food trucks and food stalls

Mobile establishments offering a selection of dishes and snacks, often specializing in specific cuisine or offering a variety of culinary options.

Cafés and tea houses

Relaxing venues where one can enjoy hot and cold beverages, accompanied by pastries and light snacks, in a friendly and tranquil atmosphere.

Captivea, Your ERP Integrator to Guide You

Specialized in implementing ERP solutions, Captivea can handle the integration of solutions tailored to the unique needs of establishments operating in the restaurant and bar sector. 

Our attentive listening and extensive experience in integrating business management systems enable us to guide you through all phases of your ERP project. From initial analysis to implementation, our team helps you align your business processes with powerful and flexible solutions such as Odoo. 

Manage all activities of your restaurant establishment on a single platform with an enterprise resource planning system implemented by Captivea. Benefit from personalized support and our industry expertise to ensure the success of your establishment in the demanding Restaurant/Bar sector. Deploy the necessary means to increase your productivity while improving your workflows and complying with regulations.