Acumatica financial Management

Discover the redefined flexibility of Acumatica Financial Management software, a solution that simplifies the management of business assets, income, and expenses. It offers customizable processes, mobile access, and top-of-the-line accounting applications on a single future-proof platform. This enables users to make informed financial decisions and ensure peak performance for their business, catering to its needs regardless of its size. With advanced features, it enables you to thrive in a constantly evolving financial environment.

The financial management of Acumatica, what is it?

The Acumatica financial management suite is a suite of features integrated into the Acumatica software that aims to automate and streamline the financial processes of a company. This suite offers various modules such as General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Management, Currency Management, Tax Management, Deferred Revenue Management, Inter-Company Accounting, Recurring Billing, Fixed Assets Management, and Payroll to manage aspects such as accounting, cost management, invoicing, treasury, financial reporting, and other processes related to the company’s finances.

The goal of Acumatica’s Financial Management is to provide a flexible and scalable platform to adapt to the specific needs of the business, regardless of its size. With advanced features such as real-time information and simplified month-end closing, it easily adjusts to a constantly evolving financial environment.

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acumatica financial management key features


Real-time Insights

Access real-time financial data, including income, expenses, and general ledger accounts, for informed decision-making, enabling prompt responses to changing financial conditions and enhancing strategic decision-making. 


Efficiency through automation

Automate tasks using technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. This approach saves time and ensures data accuracy, as routine processes can be streamlined and executed without manual intervention. This technology-driven automation enhances efficiency and accuracy, enabling more focused and productive operations. Acumatica Financial Management integrates with customer management to meet the requirements of growing mid-sized companies by providing user-friendly accounting software.


Easy reporting

Generate standardized or customized financial reports, ranging from basic statements to detailed financial overviews. This functionality enables the creation of reports tailored to your specific requirements, whether it’s standard financial statements or more detailed financial summaries.


Mobile accessibility

Access financial data on mobile devices for convenient, real-time updates. This feature ensures easy access to essential financial information, enhancing your ability to stay informed and make prompt decisions based on the latest available data. Whether you are traveling, in meetings, or away from your desk, this functionality allows for continuous monitoring of financial information to help you stay in control of your finances and respond promptly to changing circumstances.


Unlimited users

Easily adapt to teams of any size, avoiding the need for added expenses or increased complexities. This adaptability means you can scale your operations according to the size of your team without incurring extra costs or introducing unnecessary complications. It simplifies the process of managing your resources and ensures that your financial management solution stays cost-effective and straightforward, regardless of your team’s size.


International capabilities

Simplify global finance management, manage multi-currency transactions, ensuring compliance, and adapting to various regions.

Acumatica Financial Management tools

Acumatica offers various tools aimed at streamlining and improving different facets of financial operations. Acumatica's feature-rich accounting suite integrates with General Ledger, Distribution Management, and other product suites to help users track project costs and daily financial operations.


General ledger

This function empowers you to support your charts of accounts, financial periods, ledgers, allocations, and more. You can effectively manage critical financial data and generate comprehensive reports to make informed decisions. Acumatica's general ledger also supports the creation and execution of multiple subsequent allocation templates for efficient allocation of resources.

Accounts Receivable

It allows you to manage customer accounts and enhance collections through process automation and tracking. This includes creating invoices, sending statements, tracking commissions, and supplying reports.

Accounts Payable

This choice simplifies vendor invoice management, automates payment processing, predicts cash requirements, tracks vendor balances, perfects available discounts, and delivers vendor reports, ensuring your payables process is streamlined and efficient.

Cash Management

In the cash management section, it puts you in control of your daily transactions, cash balances, fund transfers, and account reconciliation. It offers the tools you need for effective cash flow management. 

Acumatica's cash management also integrates with field services management to meet the complicated requirements of growing mid-sized companies.

Currency Management

For businesses running internationally, currency management is a vital tool. It enables you to conduct international transactions, manage international subsidiaries, and support multiple base currencies, ensuring your financial operations span borders seamlessly.

Tax Management

Acumatica’s Tax Management includes a comprehensive tax management module that supports centralized tax configuration, management, and reporting. It simplifies the often-complex world of taxation, ensuring your business stays compliant.

Deferred Revenue Accounting

This feature automates deferred revenue calculations in compliance with ASC 606 and IFRS 15. It allows for precise revenue recognition in future periods, ensuring correct financial reporting.

Mobile Applications

Acumatica offers native mobile apps that allow you to enter expense receipts, record time, and manage daily activities on the go. It is a convenient way to keep your financial data up to date.

Recurring Revenue Management

This possibility helps you streamline recurring billing processes, improving cash flow, billing accuracy, and customer service. It is a valuable tool for businesses with subscription-based models.

Fixed assets

Maintain complete visibility of your fixed assets and easily calculate depreciation. This feature ensures your assets are accurately accounted for in your financial records

Acumatica's fixed assets management integrates with manufacturing management to efficiently manage manufacturing processes.

Bank Feeds

Connect with 14,000 other financial institutions for automated bank transaction imports, simplifying your bank reconciliation process.

Advanced Expense Management

Streamline expense management with intelligent matching, push notifications, and automated transaction feeds. This feature ends manual processes and enhances efficiency.

Time management

Capture employee or crew time for projects, services, and payroll with mobile time entry, making it easier to track labor costs accurately.

Intercompany Accounting

Effortlessly manage financial reporting, payments, cash management, and transfers within multiple business entities. Automate transactions posted between companies to ensure seamless financial operations.

Acumatica payroll

Oversee all payroll functions with Acumatica Payroll, which offers a simple setup, processing, and reporting solution for your payroll needs.

Financial Reporting Tool

This one easily creates reports without programming: it changes existing reports effortlessly using the native Analytical Report Manager, simplifies your reporting by providing you valuable financial insights.

Frequently Asked Questions about Acumatica Financial Management

Acumatica's financial management solution is essential for business success, offering a powerful and flexible tool tailored to meet the financial needs of businesses of all sizes. It offers key features such as real-time insights, streamlined month-end closing, compliance, and various other benefits that empower businesses to chart their course with confidence.

Acumatica provides access to real-time financial data, including income, expenses, and general ledger accounts, through its Financial Management solution. This enables informed decision-making by allowing businesses to promptly respond to changing financial conditions and enhance strategic decision-making.

Acumatica enhances efficiency through automation using technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Automation saves time, ensures data accuracy, and streamlines routine processes, enabling more focused and productive operations for businesses.

Acumatica offers mobile accessibility, allowing users to access financial data on mobile devices for convenient, real-time updates. This feature ensures easy access to essential financial information, enhancing the ability to stay informed and make prompt decisions based on the latest available data, even when on the go.

Acumatica Financial Management easily adapts to teams of any size without the need for added expenses or increased complexities. This adaptability allows businesses to scale their operations according to the size of their team without incurring extra costs or introducing unnecessary complications, ensuring a cost-effective and straightforward financial management solution.

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