odoo acoounting

The accounting software integrated with all the company's applications


About Odoo

Odoo is a business management software that allows all companies to increase their profitability and save time.

Odoo offers a fully integrated suite of applications that allows the company to manage all the company's operations in a single software package, including sales, production, customer relations, customer support, accounting, online activities, etc...

Data is transferred from one department to another via the same software, which makes it easier for employees to work, saves them time and therefore increases the profitability of companies using Odoo.

Accounting applications

Odoo allows you to manage all the accounting in an ergonomic, easy to use, modern and attractive interface.

With Odoo's accounting application it is easy to:

  • synchronize your bank statements automatically with your bank
  • create invoices, manage them and track payments
  • check supplier invoices
  • have forecasts on the invoices to be paid
  • to work with multi-currency currencies
  • create accurate dashboards
  • manage legal declarations
  • etc...

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Full integration

All accounting actions are integrated with other Odoo applications such as the sales application through which we find all information related to customers and their purchase orders, as well as the Purchasing, E-commerce and Inventory application.

This allows the accounting department to have up-to-date and quality data.

This optimizes invoicing. Customers can also track their invoices via an online customer portal.

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