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Since its launch in June 2019, Cegid XRP Flex has won over more than one user with its 100% cloud-based configuration and its ability to adapt to businesses of all sizes. The ERP (enterprise resource planning) Software allows you to manage all your activities, from financial management and commercial operations to production management on a single platform.

Cegid XRP FLEX, What is it?

Looking for an ERP Solution? Cegid XRP Flex is the undisputed reference in the French ERP market.

Benefiting from its solid foundation that is ERP Acumatica, on which Cegid XRP Flex relies, this Francophone ERP is more than just an ERP Solution. As a real added value for your business, Cegid XRP Flex software ensures smooth and complete integration, unmatched adaptability tailored to your business’s specific needs, all while simplifying the real-time management of your activities.

Discover the significant functionalities of Cegid XRP Flex to better understand why it stands out as the unique ERP Solution in the French ERP market.

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It meets your performance and business management needs, regardless of your size, whether you are a growing startup or an established company for years.



It ensures the security of your data and covers the entire technological ecosystem of your business: financial management, commercial management, business management, CRM, production management and intervention management.



Its native cloud configuration connects the entire company: clients, partners, employees. It supports instant access to all databases in real-time, allowing you to increase your activities' performance through quick decision-making and smooth exchanges.

Cegid XRP flex in figures

100% SaaS Software

6 adaptables​ modules

1 Unique Solution in the ERP market

Over 300 partners offering a variety of applications to strengthen Cegid XRP Flex

Cegid in figures

140 000 users connected per day

30 500 clients

3 600 partners selling the Solution in 130 countries

CEGID XRP FLEX, an ERP based on the North American Solution Acumatica

The Cegid XRP Flex Solution resulted from a partnership between the French company Cegid, based in Lyon and the American editor Acumatica. This 100% SaaS ERP Software was developed in the Microsoft Azure Cloud in France, to address the unique needs of both the French, European and French-speaking countries ERP market.

Known for its competency in meeting regulatory requirements in its operational country, Cegid has integrated the fiscal and accounting particularities of France into its XRP Flex product. Specifically developed for small, medium, and large French and Francophone businesses, this new ERP will cover all you need.

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Opting for a French ERP integrator and trusted Cegid partner with captivea

A strong record of accomplishment, the best choice for a successful deployment of this French information system.

Why use Cegid XRP Flex?

Efficient ERP Software is the essential engine for a company’s growth, optimizing manual processes, ensuring increased fluidity in data sharing between departments, and enabling more effective project management.


An ERP Solution that adapts to your needs

Cegid XRP Flex can adapt to the specific needs of each company. It is a customizable and comprehensive tool, designed for both small and large businesses.

You will be able to automate your operational processes, encourage better collaboration among different departments, with no user limits. Cegid XRP Flex’s various features will tailor to your needs to minimize error risks and maximize efficiency.

Whether for your sales teams, human resources management, or accounting, Cegid XRP Flex will adapt to all your business processes, providing you with the tools to make better decisions through advanced dashboards.

Cegid-xrp-flex-a cloud-based-ERP

A cloud-based ERP

Cegid XRP Flex’s native Cloud Solution allows access to your information system and entire database, wherever you are, at any time, and on any device (computer, tablet, phone). Communication and collaboration among your teams become more fluid and effective, as all information is transmitted in real-time.

Thanks to the cloud, all your data is secured and stored on a single centralized database; this will simplify the update processes for your business management software.


A scalable ERP Solution

Cegid XRP Flex evolves in synchronization with your business. The business management platform goes beyond satisfying your current needs; it quickly adjusts to changes and innovations you encounter during your business growth. It is, therefore, a Software Solution tailored for long-term operation, positioned to support you throughout your digital transformation.


A Solution tailored to French and European legislation

Drawing on the skillsets of its Anglo-Saxon partner Acumatica, Cegid XRP Flex has tailored itself to align with the regulatory requirements of France and Europe. The Software host is in France, your data is stored on servers meeting the standards of ISO 27001.

Evolutive, simple, and adaptable modules

Cegid XRP Flex’s diverse modules, exclusively cloud-based, optimize your business management workflows. With a rapid and adaptable configuration and no limitations on users, the Software provides a multitude of advantages for each module.

Financial Management

  • Real-time accounting flow management
  • Automation of reporting
  • Tracking and managing customer,supplier, and tax payments
  • Management of financial operations on a single platform
  • Data security and access authorization management
  • Adaptable configuration options (chart of accounts,fiscal years & periods, and analytical sections)

Commercial Management

  • Optimization of order process and productivity gain
  • Suppliers, purchases, orders, deliveries management
  • Automation and efficiency of purchasing process,inventory, and supply chain management
  • Personalized tracking of customer requests
  • Management of quotes, invoices, personalized sales,products exchanges, and returns
  • Boosting commercial management performance by simplifying client interactions

Business Management

  • Quick project and service contract’s management—capability to track the project progress %
  • Real-time tracking of delivery service
  • Management of costs, hours, expenses spent per project
  • Efficient planning management
  • Data security and access authorization management
  • Customizable system tailored to the evolving needs of the company


  • All customer information in real-time on a single dashboard
  • Flexible customer service task assignment,administration and invoicing
  • User-friendly portal for customers and internal team members
  • Increased visibility and maximization of the customer relationship service potential
  • Acceleration of sales by connecting marketing operations,after-sales service, and customer service
  • Management of marketing and commercial actions,optimization of customer experience

Production management

  • Flexible control logistics and industrial supply chain
  • Precise manufacturing management:stock, to order, custom-made, by project, by batch
  • Adaptable product configurations, management of changes, and traceability
  • Optimization of stock, lead times, and production costs

Intervention management

  • Real-time intervention management with Praxedo
  • Connected and precise tracking of on-site service operations
  • Maximization of the productivity in interventions and technician activities
  • Precise tracking of equipment and installations at clients ‘sites
  • Simplified invoicing process

CAPTIVEA, Cegid Partner for your ERP implementation

With 15 years of expertise in ERP Software implementation, we’ve forged a partnership with Cegid, a European leader in business management solutions, to offer innovative solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

As a Cegid Partner in France, our goal is to deploy Cegid XRP Flex, a Software designed for companies looking for a flexible solution tailored to their size, capable of evolving according to their needs.

We are committed to assisting companies in the implementation of their ERP projects and their digital transformation, with the objective of improving their processes’ performance, especially through Cegid XRP Flex.

Captivea France, Cegid Partner

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Frequently Asked Questions about cegid xrp flex

Cegid XRP Flex, as a cloud-based ERP solution, offers unrestricted geographical access, allowing your team to work from anywhere using any connected device. This flexibility promotes effective collaboration, facilitating instant team members communication and contributing to increased productivity.

Cegid XRP Flex offers key features for managing production operations, including logistics chain management and complete traceability. This results in the optimization of stocks, lead times, and production costs, leading tangible cost reductions and increased productivity.

Cegid XRP Flex evolves with your company, swiftly adapting to changes and innovations. This flexibility ensures that the business management platform not only meets your current needs, but also supports you as your business grows. It is a long-term and adaptable solution.

Cegid XRP Flex enhances decision-making by facilitating real-time data integration. This results in tangible improvements, providing updated information to develop strategic and operational choice more effectively.

Cegid XRP Flex’s configuration customization ability is designed to meet the specific needs of various sectors. The solution uniquely addresses the requirements of each company, whether in manufacturing, distribution, services, or another sector, guaranteeing a tailored solution.

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