Acumatica Construction Management

Acumatica's Construction Management software, powered by true Cloud ERP, empowers construction firms with the tools and insights they need to thrive. It is a powerful tool designed to equip construction firms with the business intelligence they need to succeed.

Acumatica construction management, what is it ?

Construction Management is an essential tool for businesses in the construction sector. It offers distinctive features to efficiently manage projects, costs, and field operations. With tight links between contract details, budgets, labor, materials, equipment, and more, it simplifies project management, ensuring all stakeholders have real-time, correct information. This serves as a single source of truth for the entire project team.

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Acumatica Construction Management Key Features


Contracts in Acumatica's Construction Edition set up a crucial link between project details and tasks, including all change orders. This seamless integration ensures that changes to project scope and commitments are accurately tracked, supplying a comprehensive view of project status.


Budgets are at the heart of project management, and Acumatica's Construction Management connects them directly to contracts, accounting, and the project plan. This real-time integration allows for the efficient management of hard and soft costs, change orders, profits, overheads, and fees, ensuring you can manage costs effectively.

Job Costing

Acumatica simplifies job costing by capturing labor, material, and equipment costs from any device. This data is instantly updated, ensuring that project management and accounting are always coordinated. Additionally, calculating taxes for a project becomes a breeze, with tax zones specified directly in the project and automatically applied to invoices, purchase orders, subcontracts, and expense, ensuring you calculate taxes accurately..

Change Orders

Change orders are not just documents; they serve as a critical tool for profitability analysis and an audit trail of changes to the project revenue budget, commitments, and budgeted costs. Acumatica allows you to manage back charges or reductions in vendor commitments through the entry of negative change orders and streamline change orders for multiple construction projects with unit rate changes, custom retainage, and cost-only change requests.

Project Billing

Efficient project billing is a cornerstone of financial success. Acumatica's Construction Management allows you to confirm project details and automatically generate pro forma, progress, and time and material invoices from a single screen. Flexible progress billing options by percentage of completion or by quantity (e.g., linear footage, square footage) reduce project owner's risk while accommodating unique business needs.

Daily Field Reports

Maintaining consistent, real-time information across all project stakeholders is essential. Acumatica's daily field reports streamline field management, ensuring everyone has access to the same information. From subcontractor updates and job site visitors to issue and change tracking and even weather updates, it is all accessible. Mobile entry of units installed or used during project tasks further enhances planning, progress tracking, scheduling, and billing.

Requests for Information (RFIs)

Acumatica's Construction Management includes the ability to use RFIs to create change requests and track them until they are completed. Enable RFI workflows to check the status of each request, supplying a transparent and structured approach to managing project changes.


Track the approval of submittals related to documents and materials before they are fabricated and delivered to the job site. Acumatica enables you to review entries, set up submittal workflows, and close them when approved and completed, ensuring that project processes are smooth and efficient.

Joint Checks

Streamline project and joint check management with integrated purchase requisitions, contracts, and inventory control. Acumatica simplifies the complexities of managing commitments and payments between various parties involved in a construction project.


Ensure compliance with line waivers, insurance, certificates, and status updates. Acumatica offers automatic generation of compliance documents and supplies alerts for expirations and other important compliance-related information to both your staff and suppliers.

Payroll management

Manage payroll with support for multiple unions, locals, classes, benefit packages, and complex wages. This includes certified wages and executive compensation, ensuring that payroll operations are efficient and correct. This is crucial for maintaining a construction business.


Efficiently manage initial retainage and any changes to streamline invoicing and payments. Acumatica supports retainage tracking for progress billing and time and material billing, with project cost commitments calculated as applicable to retainage in purchase orders.

Mobile App

Embrace mobility with the Acumatica mobile app. Capture time, project issues, change requests, and more on-the-go. The mobile app also streamlines service expense entry with scanned receipt image recognition. Create, edit, or cut submittals and draw logs with file or photo attachments and defined workflows, all from the convenience of the mobile app.

CFMA Bench marker

Collaborate seamlessly with the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) by sending preconfigured Acumatica construction financial data for inclusion in the CFMA Bench marker survey. Benchmark your results directly against CFMA member peers with a custom dashboard featuring corporate return on assets, return on equity, and other financial ratios from CFMA members within your region. This helps you accurately estimate future projects.

Photo Logs

Utilize any mobile device to take pictures on the job site. Associate these images with specific projects or project tasks and quickly upload them to the photo log for easy reference and documentation.

Project Issues

Efficiently track and report project issues that arise on the job site. Create a project issue and associate it with a project or project task. Set priority levels and easily convert issues into change orders or RFIs, ensuring that project challenges are addressed promptly and effectively. This helps in maintaining complete control over project issues.


Acumatica's Construction Management software

​With its robust features and seamless integration, serves as a cornerstone for success in the construction industry. Whether you need to manage contracts, budgets, job costing, change orders, project billing, or ensure compliance, Acumatica has you covered. With the added advantage of a mobile app and powerful data insights, it is an asset for any construction firm looking to thrive in today's competitive landscape. This software also supports multiple entities, role-based security, and role-based dashboards, enabling your project team and internal and external users to work efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Acumatica's Construction Management Software

Acumatica's Construction Management software supplies distinct features that streamline project details, costs, and field operations.

The integration of contracts with project details and tasks, including change orders, is crucial for exact tracking.

Acumatica simplifies job costing by capturing labor, material, and equipment costs, ensuring coordination between project management and accounting.

The Acumatica mobile app offers mobility for capturing time, project issues, change requests, and more.

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