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A.T.D. Quart Monde Luxembourg Asbl
A.T.D. Quart Monde Luxembourg Asbl Health/Social
We are a Human Rights Movement, without political or religious affiliation, that brings together people of all social backgrounds and ages. In partnership with people living in poverty, we create long-term cultural, civic, and political actions. These actions aim to enable the poorest to assert and respect their fundamental rights, and to encourage society to better take into account the underprivileged.
Elisabeth PONCELET
Elisabeth PONCELET Health/Social
Elisabeth Poncelet is a physiotherapist in Luxembourg. Her practice is located in Steinfort.
She practices several activities in order to accompany her patients.
Indoor Forest SIS - BioOrg Lux
Indoor Forest SIS - BioOrg Lux Health/Social
Indoor Forest provides a simple service for air quality: vaporization for optimal breathing. As a public interest company, its profits fuel its growth. Committed to the social and solidarity economy, it fights against air pollution and preserves natural resources, thus contributing to public health and ecology.
Institut National du Cancer (INC)
Institut National du Cancer (INC) Health/Social
For some time now, the medical community in Luxembourg has been calling for a national organization to coordinate the various public and private actors involved in the administration and care of cancer patients. It has become apparent that more could be done by harmonizing the individual efforts of the medical community, hospitals, private practitioners, cancer associations, patient representatives, as well as national legislation and executive bodies.
Kleiber Karim (Dr)
Kleiber Karim (Dr) Health/Social
Kleiber Karim, MD, is an internal medicine specialist, offering expert medical care in Differdange, Luxembourg.
LUkraine asbl
LUkraine asbl Health/Social
LUkraine asbl is a non-profit organization based in Luxembourg with public interest status that unites the Ukrainian community in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to raise awareness about Ukraine in Luxembourg and contribute to humanitarian relief in Ukraine.
Luxembourg Institute of Health
Luxembourg Institute of Health Health/Social
Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) is committed to applying research knowledge and cutting-edge technologies to impact public health significantly. Focused on patient-centered translational research, particularly in cancer and immune disorders, LIH explores the immune system as a shared functional mechanism. Using advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence on patient-derived data, multidisciplinary teams collaborate to understand disease causes. As a public biomedical research organization prioritizing precision health, LIH aims to be a leading reference in Europe, translating scientific excellence into tangible patient benefits.