Odoo: Website, E-commerce and Blog

Odoo, more than a ERP, it is also a tool to manage your online interactions, with the website publisher to manage your website, e-commerce site, blog, forum, online content and chat.

All these applications are interconnected via Odoo and all data is synchronized to improve and grow the company's business.

The website with Odoo

Odoo offers a very easy to use website and CMS editor. Simply drag and drop blocks onto a web page and add content (text and image).The website is intended to evolve (with the many apps available), it is not only a showcase.

It is easy to associate an online store, event management, recruitment management, blog, customer portal,...

In addition to its ease of use, the great advantage of having a website fully integrated with its ERP, and CRM is that the data is automatically synchronized.

The advantages of the odoo website

  • Effective SEO tools
  • Integration of call to action
  • A/B testing
  • Marketing automation

Odoo's "website" application allows you to sell online (ecommerce, event tickets), manage your content (blog, forums) and have a complete marketing solution (lead acquisition and tracking).

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E-commerce with Odoo

Odoo makes it very easy to set up an online store.

The online store is easily updated with a system of blocks that simply drag and drop and add the text and image corresponding to the product.

The advantages of E-commerce with Odoo

  • Fully integrated e-commerce platform 
  • Automatic updating of stocks according to sales made.
  • Integration of an online payment method (Paypal, Ingenico, Adyen,...)
  • Integration of the main carriers (UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc...) for better order tracking.

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The blog with Odoo

Associated with the website, it is easy to set up a good content marketing strategy. Adding articles is very simple on the web pages.

The advantages of the Odoo blog:

  • Promotes the referencing of the website
  • All content is responsive design for better display quality.

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Odoo also allows you to set up a forum and a chat in order to be able to respond to all customer requests, within the same tool. All information is cross-functional and passes through a single tool that centralizes and organizes it.

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