Mastering US Tax Management Made Simple with Odoo Avatax

In the ever-evolving world of business, effective financial process management and tax compliance are critical.

We are happy to have developed a new partnership with Avalara and their Odoo module, known as 'Avatax,' which is already operational in standard in your Odoo ERP. This optimal configuration is transforming the way companies manage their financial operations using Odoo, ensuring tax compliance at every step of their journey through a carefully crafted automation framework. 

Who is Avalara?

Avalara, headquartered in Seattle and founded in 2004, is an American company specializing in sales tax management and tax compliance automation, primarily through its Avatax platform. Over the years, Avalara has experienced a significant growth, establishing itself as a global leader in the automated tax management field. 


why use Avalara?

Navigating tax compliance challenges with Avatax

The Avatax compliance service in the United States is specifically designed to assist businesses in navigating the complex world of taxation. Given the varying tax regulations across different states, handling sales tax can quickly become a significant challenge for companies operating nationwide.

Avalara offers automated solutions to help businesses accurately calculate and efficiently manage their tax obligations, enabling them to stay in compliance with constantly changing tax laws more effectively. 

Odoo ERP Integration 

Through the utilization of Avatax compliance solutions within Odoo ERP, users can easily calculate sales tax for both the United States and Canada. This integration simplifies the consolidation of financial data and tax compliance within a single platform, eliminating manual data entry, reducing error risks, and optimizing operational efficiency. 

Real-time Tax Calculation 

Avatax provides real-time tax calculations based on the latest tax rules and rates.

This ensures businesses consistently collect and remit the accurate amount of tax, a critical aspect for enterprises operating in a multiple jurisdiction or engaged in e-commerce.  

Besides, Avatax operates continuously in the background once it is configured, further improving its convenience and accuracy.

Enhanced Reporting and Visibility 

The synergy between Odoo's ERP connector and Avalara's powerful reporting tools provides businesses with a multitude of benefits. This functionality equips companies with essential insights into their financial data and tax compliance, facilitating more informed decision-making and streamlined financial management. 

This data-driven approach enhances the strategic planning process by offering a precise overview of financial data, enabling businesses to efficiently allocate resources and adapt to the evolving demands of the market.


Whether your business is a small startup or a multinational corporation, Avalara provides a flexible solution to meet your ever-changing needs. This ensures that Avalara continues to support your business's growth while adapting to its evolving requirements.

Comprehensive Customer Support 

Avalara is renowned for its outstanding customer support. Companies can expect responsive and knowledgeable assistance during both the implementation process and ongoing support, ensuring a smooth experience. 

Mitigated Compliance Risk

​Automation of tax compliance processes substantially reduces the likelihood of costly errors, audits, and penalties. This not only saves time and resources but also safeguards a company's reputation in the competitive marketplace.

​ Unlock Insights at 2023 Tax Changes Webinar

Stay ahead of the tax curve with our midyear webinar covering 2023 tax changes. Join us to: 

  • Gain vital insights into key tax changes and their implications. 
  • Navigate the influence of economic trends on new tax regulations. 
  • Stay current with updates on economic nexus and marketplace facilitator laws. 
  • Explore taxation trends for software and digital products. 
  • Adapt to the evolving global commerce landscape and recent e-invoicing requirements.

Prepare your business for the second half of the year! 

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