Konsultoo becomes CAPTIVEA India

We are thrilled to welcome the Konsultoo teams, a company based in India with a representative office in USA, into Captivea, enabling us to offer a variety of pricing options suited to every budget!

In line with our goal to continually improve our services for our clients, and following several successful collaborations, Konsultoo and Captivea have decided to pool their resources!

Who is Konsultoo?

Konsultoo is an Indian company and has been active in the Odoo ERP integration market since 2018. They provide implementation, installation, and customization services for Odoo software in the American market, offering exceptional expertise and competitive rates through their offshore services.

A story of collaboration and growth

For the past year, Konsultoo and CAPTIVEA have collaboratively embarked on strategic projects, introducing an innovative hybrid offering. This offering combines CAPTIVEA's teams present locally in the United States with teams in India

This hybrid model allows for substantial cost savings on projects while supporting a high level of quality and service. The synergy between local and international teams has enhanced operational efficiency, supplying an agile and competitive solution in the global market.


Evolution and reach across the globe

Over the years, CAPTIVEA's evolution has been characterized by consistent growth, particularly on the international front with the opening of multiple subsidiaries worldwide. As a leader in its field, CAPTIVEA has expected market trends and adapted to the changing needs of its clients globally.

By merging with CAPTIVEA, Konsultoo is not only evolving its brand; it is becoming part of a global success story. This transition not only strengthens CAPTIVEA's position as a global leader but also reaffirms its commitment to providing clients with the solutions they require.


What is the impact of this brand merger?

The union of Konsultoo and CAPTIVEA does not result in any repercussions on how both brands interact with their respective clients.

For Konsultoo's clients, nothing changes: all usual contacts are still the same, service levels stay unchanged, and the mutually agreed rate stays in place. This stability in client relationships aims to preserve trust and the continuity of services that Konsultoo has been providing since its start. 

For CAPTIVEA's clients, this merger opens new possibilities. Thanks to this partnership, CAPTIVEA is now able to offer more diversified pricing proposals: 

  • Full Onshore Offering: The team working on your project will be entirely based in your country and will be available for on-site work.
  • Full Offshore Offering: The team working on your project will be based abroad, allowing you to maximize cost efficiency. However, all communication about your project will be conducted remotely.
  • Hybrid Offering: It's a balanced combination of local and offshore teams for your implementation project, providing the advantages of a local workforce along with preferential rates by using resources based in India.

This flexibility in pricing proposals aims to adapt to the specific needs of each CAPTIVEA client, supplying customized solutions to maximize the efficiency of your ERP while keeping an impeccable level of quality.

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