How to set up your CRM indicators?

You are an expert in your field of activity, but will this be enough to put in place business indicators that work? What are the pitfalls to avoid? What are the potential pitfalls between the dashboard of your dreams and the necessary Data power supply?

The role of a good CRM integrator is not just about technology. Here are some tips to help you choose your partner.

Knowledge of your business sector

A good integrator must be able to understand your issues. Check his references and experience. He must be able to adapt to any size of company and must be able to discuss business strategy with you.

You are an ETI or a Key Account, and it has never accompanied anything but very small companies? Forget it.

You are a medium-sized company and he only knows the sales teams of at least 500 employees? Forget it.

Knowledge of the recommended tool

Of course, he must have a very solid experience on the CRM software he will propose to you, in order to propose the best possible indicators, on the one hand, and on the other hand to anticipate the potential problems that may arise for your sales representatives in collecting and entering the Data.

The proximity he maintains with the publisher of the CRM software you have chosen is essential. This must be reflected in the methodology he will propose to you (see our article How to choose the right Odoo integrator?)

Its power to challenge you

Your integrator must be able to help you build your specifications or challenge you on them. Beyond the technical skills, it will be able to be a source of proposals to help you sort out and choose the most relevant indicators.

Such an indicator will require a considerable amount of work from your sales representatives? He must be able to alert you. Indeed, if your employees have to fill in 30 fields to feed your indicator, they may not enter the data very well. The result: you will have your long-awaited indicator, but it will be based on bad data. Can you reasonably build your business strategy on erroneous data?

Help you to see further

Do you want to motivate and challenge your sales representatives? Your CRM partner must be able to help you think outside the box. If he knows the world of start-ups well, it is likely that he will be able to offer you 1001 ways to meet your challenges.

The display on a giant screen of certain CRM indicators in offices to stimulate the sales force? Valuing good individual or team results through notifications on your sales representatives' smartphones? A flashing light within your premises that lights up as soon as an objective is achieved? Why not....

You will have understood: it is not necessarily a question of going that far. But your ideal partner must know how to think CRM... Beyond CRM!

Choose the best crm integrator and partner.

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