How to evolve your Acumatica ERP through its Marketplace?

Acumatica Cloud ERP, a powerful and versatile ERP solution, provides a solid foundation for managing operations and processes. However, to fully leverage its potential and meet the needs of each organization, it is essential to extend its functionality through extensions and connectors. This is where the Acumatica Marketplace comes in. Acumatica's marketplace is rich in ready-to-use applications that allow you to customize and tailor your ERP, enhancing its performance.

What's the difference between a module, an application, and a connector?

A module is a plugin added to an ERP to extend its functionalities without being connected to a third-party application. It allows the system to deploy additional capabilities such as financial process automation and enhanced data reporting within the scope of human resources management.

An application is standalone software designed to address a specific need or perform tasks. It can be used independently, without requiring other software or systems to function. Applications are often developed for specific use cases and offer a range of features to solve a particular problem or enhance a business process.

For example, inventory management software is an application that enables a business to effectively track and manage its stock levels without requiring other third-party software.

A connector is designed to link two separate applications and allow them to communicate or interact with each other. It acts as a bridge between systems, facilitating the flow of data and information between them. Connectors can be used to integrate two different applications and ensure real-time or regular interval data synchronization.

For example, a connector between an ERP and a WMS software would allow an e-commerce company to automatically synchronize data on orders and stock levels between the two systems. Thus, when an order is placed on the online platform, the connector would instantly transmit relevant information to the WMS, enabling the warehouse to prepare and ship the order efficiently.

The Acumatica Marketplace exclusively gathers various modules and connectors.

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How can the connectors or modules available on the Acumatica Marketplace enhance your operations?

By leveraging the wealth of connectors and modules available on the Acumatica Marketplace, you can transform your way of working and significantly enhance your business operations and processes:

  • Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity: Automate your manual and repetitive tasks, streamline your processes, and free up your teams to focus on value-added activities.
  • Improved Visibility and Data Control: Gain a consolidated overview of your data by connecting your different systems. Say goodbye to information silos and make better decisions based on reliable and accurate information.
  • Reduced Errors and Risks: Eliminate manual data entry errors and reduce the risk of inconsistency by automating data flows between your systems.
  • Enhanced Collaboration and Communication: Foster better collaboration among your teams by centralizing data and facilitating real-time communication. Work more connected and agile.
  • Optimized Business Processes: Benefit from industry-specific features and tools to optimize your processes and improve overall performance. Tailor your ERP to your needs and gain a competitive advantage.

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What modules and connectors can be found in the Acumatica Marketplace?

The Acumatica Marketplace is packed with a wide variety of modules and connectors, carefully categorized to facilitate navigation and meet all your needs.

Finance, Accounting, Taxes

The "Finance, Accounting, Taxes" category gathers solutions connectable to Acumatica for efficiently managing your company's finances, accounting, and tax obligations, offering financial reporting, budgeting, and tax compliance tools.

  • Velixo Reporting: A platform offering powerful reporting and budgeting tools for enhanced financial analysis.
  • Avalara: Avalara is a tax management solution that enables businesses to calculate, collect, and report their sales taxes through various tax management, tax compliance, and reporting features.

Payment Management and Processing

In this category, you will find powerful connectors and modules to simplify financial transactions and payments management on Acumatica, providing you with credit card processing tools, recurring payment management, and reporting capabilities.

  • EBizCharge: EBizCharge is a payment processing solution that integrates with your ERP and CRM to simplify payment management. It offers features for credit card processing, recurring payment management, and reporting.
  • PayPal: An online payment solution that allows your business to securely accept online payments through payment processing features, dispute management, and currency conversion.

Payroll and Human Resources (HR/HCM)

Take advantage of third-party software integrated with Acumatica designed to manage payroll processes, employee benefits, and human resources, providing time tracking, performance management, and compliance tools.

  • ADP Workforce Now: A platform that enables your company to manage employees, their salaries, and benefits through features for payroll management, time tracking, and performance management.
  • Criterion HCM: A comprehensive human resources management solution offering features for payroll, benefits, talent management, and compliance.

Online Sales Management

Access solutions to effectively manage your online sales orders, deploying features for data centralization, order synchronization, and inventory management for real-time visibility.

  • Shopify Connector: A connector that centralizes the management of online stores and updates data in real-time, automatically synchronizing orders, customers, products, and inventory between Shopify and Acumatica.
  • Amazon Connector: A connector that integrates Amazon sales with Acumatica, synchronizing products, orders, and inventory to provide real-time visibility into sales and inventory levels and automate processes to reduce errors.
  • Magento Connector: A connector that enables seamless integration between Magento and Acumatica, centralizing the management of online sales operations and synchronizing product, customer, order, and inventory data.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

The EDI category lists third-party Acumatica solutions useful for managing electronic data exchanges with your business partners. You benefit from transaction management, data conversion, and exchange tracking functions.

  • TrueCommerce: An EDI solution that enables businesses to manage their electronic data exchanges with their business partners for transaction management, data conversion, and exchange tracking.
  • SPS Commerce: An EDI solution that enables businesses to connect their ERP systems with those of their business partners for order management, shipment tracking, and electronic invoicing.

In addition to the mentioned categories, the Acumatica Marketplace also offers connectors and modules for inventory management, logistics, process automation, project management, collaboration and communication, business intelligence (BI) and reporting, document management, compliance and corporate performance management (CPM), asset management, electronic signatures, and much more, covering all aspects of business needs.

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In conclusion

The Acumatica Marketplace is a valuable resource that allows you to break down the barriers of your ERP and tailor it to your unique needs. By exploring the different categories and available applications, you can identify connectors and modules that will help you automate tasks, improve collaboration, streamline processes, and boost your operations.

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