Boost your sales by expanding your presence on online marketplaces with Market Invaders & Cegid

Captivea is delighted to announce its new partnership with Market Invaders!

Market Invaders is a third-party application that enhances the visibility of your products across various marketplaces. This sales solution is now available within Cegid, your comprehensive ERP solution. This integrated feature streamlines sales management by centralizing processes on the unified interface of CEGID XRP Flex.

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Market Invaders, Centralize the streams from all your sales platforms

Effortlessly manage your catalog

The collaboration between Market Invaders and CEGID allows you to easily manage the distribution and updating of your product catalog across all marketplaces from a single interface. Furthermore, Market Invaders offers various automation tools that enable you to enhance your product data based on targeted platforms (selection of the right category in each marketplace, matching mandatory specifications, variation management, automated bundle creation, etc.).

Centralizing the catalog streamlines maintenance and ensures consistency of your information across all sales platforms. 

Market Invaders also provides automatic translation tools for your catalog, allowing you to test the sales potential of your products internationally easily and quickly.


Enhance the competitiveness of your products on a global scale

This integrated feature will automatically adjust your prices across all marketplaces, providing you with a continuous competitive advantage. This functionality ensures the competitiveness of your products, regardless of the marketplace or other sales platforms.

Automate the logistics of your multichannel e-commerce business.

Managing logistics in multichannel e-commerce poses a major challenge, requiring seamless coordination and precision. The integrated solution of Market Invaders and Cegid XRP Flex transforms this complexity into a smooth and automated operation. By centralizing orders from various sales channels and automating invoice issuance and order preparation, this solution ensures maximum efficiency throughout the entire shipping process.

Integration with over 50 carriers across Europe via API enables optimized carrier selection for each order based on specific criteria such as weight, price, or destination. This optimization not only reduces logistics costs but also ensures the speed and reliability of deliveries. Furthermore, the automatic sending of tracking numbers to end customers promotes a transparent and reassuring shopping experience.


Manage customer support for your orders on a single platform

Market Invaders, with the support of CEGID, provides centralized management of customer messages from various marketplaces. The comprehensive history of exchanges will give you a clear and organized view of all past interactions. Now, your customer communication will be streamlined, enhancing their satisfaction.

Captivea, your partner for a successful ERP implementation!

Captivea, an expert in ERP solution integration and now a partner with Market Invaders, is ready to guide you through the implementation of CEGID so you can leverage the capabilities of Market Invaders.

Benefit from Captivea's expertise to optimize your sales, maximize the advantages of centralizing processes, and enhance the efficiency of your business across all marketplaces. 

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