A CRM project? What are the new trends to follow?

CRM solutions are legendary and it is difficult to find your way through this jungle. A sorting criterion can therefore be: is this solution in line with the latest trends? Is it modern? This will give you a first indication of the publisher's ability to keep up with technological and usage developments. But then, what are they? Elements of answers....

Among the new trends that can be observed in CRM solutions is the concept of CXM (Customer Experience Management). It is about the transition from customer relationship management to customer experience management.

The goal is to personalize the relationship as much as possible. The CRM provides real-time information through different channels: data entered by users of course, but also data automatically coming from external applications and social networks.

This big data which will enrich your CRM will allow you to establish a very precise targeting and to individualize the customer relationship as much as possible.

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In the same vein, we can talk about Marketing Automation coupled with CRM solutions. For those who are not familiar with this concept, Marketing Automation automates a large number of business processes through the establishment of highly detailed workflows.

The objective is for the sales force to be put in contact with the lead only when it is "hot". This is a big step towards efficiency and productivity!

Finally, to complete this list (which is of course not exhaustive), we can discuss the new capacities related to artificial intelligence and machine learning. The most advanced CRMs in this field will allow you to automate many tasks.

Thanks to predictive analysis engines, your CRM may, for example, be able to give you a list of your best future customers or to classify customers into different categories, without human intervention. It makes you dream, doesn't it?

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