Acumatica Point of Sale

Acumatica Point of Sale, powered by Heuristyc, redefines sales management for wholesale distributors and manufacturers.

The power of Acumatica point of sale

A POS system unites hardware and software, allowing businesses to seamlessly accept payments from customers, automate price calculations, manage taxes, issue receipts, and streamline overall payment processes. Whether in the realm of traditional retail or the dynamic world of eCommerce, POS systems are the linchpin of efficient business operations.

Acumatica Point of Sale takes this concept to the next level by offering a comprehensive suite of features. It seamlessly integrates financials, CRM, tax management, PCI-compliant credit card processing, order management, inventory control, purchasing, and robust business analytics and reporting. This integration allows businesses to create a seamless omnichannel sales experience, connecting popular POS hardware effortlessly.

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Navigating Retail and eCommerce

The Role of POS in Physical Stores

In the world of retail, businesses sell goods and services directly to customers. A POS system empowers retailers, whether in physical stores or at retail events, to conduct sales via credit card or cash/check transactions, making it the lifeblood of in-person sales.

Harmonizing sales

The usage of POS systems varies depending on the business's needs. Acumatica Point of Sale offers a comprehensive solution for managing all sales transactions. It facilitates cross-channel sales, allowing customers to buy online and return items in-store, offering a seamless shopping experience.

ECommerce Empowerment

eCommerce involves the online sale of goods and services. Regardless of the specific eCommerce model, the ability to collect payments from customers is a must. A POS system integrated into an eCommerce website streamlines the purchase process, allowing customers to pay with credit cards or online payment services like Apple Pay or PayPal.

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The Acumatica Advantage

Seamless integration

Acumatica Point of Sale seamlessly integrates with Acumatica's Order Management, Inventory Management, eCommerce, CRM, and financial modules. This system-wide integration ensures a connected and efficient sales management experience.

Rapid Order Entry and Error Reduction

Thanks to default settings by device and barcode scanners, order creation becomes a breeze. You can increment quantities with each scan, capture serial and lot details, and automate sales tax calculation, saving time and reducing errors.

Customization of sales

Acumatica Point of Sale allows businesses to create new counter orders and manage returns and exchanges in the same transaction. It supports customer-specific pricing and discounts and offers batch mode and live mode options, granting flexibility in processing each sale.

Universal Compatibility

The system automates order entry with standard barcode scanners and touch screens, ensuring data accuracy. It easily connects to a variety of hardware, including receipt printers and cash registers with automated drawers opening after each transaction.

Real-Time Inventory Control

Access to real-time inventory availability across retail store and warehouse locations is essential for efficient sales operations. Acumatica Point of Sale provides this crucial feature.


Efficiency Unleashed with Acumatica POS

Tailor Acumatica to B2B Wholesalers and Manufacturers

The Acumatica Point of Sale is the perfect fit for B2B Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers. It accommodates walk-up counter sales as part of a multi-channel selling environment, providing flexibility and scalability. This adaptability is crucial for businesses that deal with a diverse range of products and customer preferences. Acumatica Point of Sale streamlines sales processes, ensuring that no matter the vertical, businesses can efficiently manage transactions and provide a seamless shopping experience to their customers.

Efortless management for special orders

One of the standout features of Acumatica Point of Sale is its capability to handle special orders with ease. Businesses can create special orders directly from the system, including pre-paid, drop-ship orders fulfilled directly by suppliers, and will-call orders. This not only enhances the customer service experience but also expands the range of products and services a business can offer. It ensures that customers can get exactly what they need, even if it's not in stock, all while enjoying a hassle-free and efficient ordering process.
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Acumatica point of sale key features

System-Wide Integration

Acumatica Point of Sale enables real-time integration of sales transactions with inventory, financials, and customer management data, providing accurate and up-to-date information to support decision-making. It also offers multi-store support and central management of inventory, customer data, and sales.

Rapid Order Entry

Customize the layout of the point of sale screen to meet your specific requirements. This can include adding custom fields, and modifying the layout and behavior of the screen, including adding new buttons and changing the order of fields. Track your sales and analyze your data with the reporting capabilities of Acumatica Point of Sale.

Flexible Order Handling

Create new counter orders and manage returns/exchanges within the same transaction. Define default settings by device, copy historical orders, and apply customer-specific pricing and discounts. Batch Mode and Live Mode options provide users flexibility to process each sale. Authorize and capture payments via electronic signature.

Hardware Choice

Automate order entry with standard barcode scanners and touch screens to error-proof data input. Easily connect Epson and Start Receipt Printers or attach a full-size printer. Connect standard cash registers with automated drawer opening after each transaction. Integrate POS with specified EMV Credit Card Terminals linked to AcuGateway.

Real-Time Inventory

Access real-time inventory levels across all retail store and warehouse locations to ensure accurate order fulfillment and inventory management.

Cross Vertical Fit

Deploy at B2B Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers who manage walk-up counter sales as part of a multichannel selling environment.

Special Orders

Create special orders directly from Acumatica Point of Sale. Support pre-paid, drop-ship orders fulfilled directly by suppliers. Seamlessly manage will-call orders.

Customer Returns

Create new counter orders and manage returns and exchanges in the same transaction.

Capture Key Data

Capture lot and serial information for items, suggest cross-sell/up-sell and substitute items based on Inventory SKU or alternate identification number, and reconcile cash drawers with end-of-day procedures and Point of Sale reporting.

Customer Relationship Management

See a holistic view of customers and transactions with embedded CRM. Quickly create new customers within the POS order screen. Report on history and profitability by customer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Acumatica point of sale

The uniqueness of Acumatica Point of Sale lies in its thorough feature set, seamlessly integrating financials, CRM, tax management, PCI-compliant credit card processing, order management, inventory control, purchasing, and advanced business analytics and reporting.

The Point of Sale (POS) system is beneficial for in-store sales transactions by automating inventory management, simplifying payment methods, and generating detailed receipts for customers.

Acumatica Point of Sale significantly impacts eCommerce by smoothly integrating into websites, simplifying the purchase process, and enabling online customers to make payments through credit cards or popular online payment services such as Apple Pay and PayPal.

The efficiency of sales operations is improved as Acumatica Point of Sale integrates seamlessly with other modules, including Order Management, Inventory Management, eCommerce, CRM, and financial modules.

For B2B Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers, Acumatica Point of Sale is customized to handle walk-up counter sales seamlessly in a multi-channel selling environment.

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