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In today’s business world, effective order management is crucial for your company’s success. Whether you're a major retailer, a distributor, or involved in e-commerce, efficient order handling can make all the difference. Let's see all about Order Management Systems (OMS) and how they can transform your business by improving your sales processes and enhancing post-sales support.

Demystifying Order Management Systems (OMS): The Engine Behind Your Business

In the era of the digital marketplace, every business needs a powerhouse to manage the intricate web of sales and services. The Order Management System (OMS) is that powerhouse—a comprehensive solution that orchestrates the entire journey from order creation and fulfillment to the final delivery and post-sales support. As a standalone tool or a part of a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, OMS offers an integrated view of all your transactions, inventory, costs, and vendor relationships. What is more, it seamlessly connects with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, ensuring a seamless conversion of opportunities into sales.

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The OMS Advantage: A Transformative Impact on Business Operations

Integrating an OMS into your business operations yields an array of advantages that transcend order management. It is a strategic move that boosts efficiency from order start to post-sales support:

Accelerating Order Fulfillment

Streamlined order processing and automated shipping order generation reduce errors, simplify data input, and speed up order fulfillment. Rules for returns, credit limits, and more are preconfigured, further smoothing the process.

Simplified Pricing and Discounts

With the OMS, pricing rules and policies are effortlessly set up, allowing for quantity and volume discounts in multiple currencies. The pricing and discount management process becomes a breeze.

Efficiency through Automation

A single click can trigger a cascade of automated actions, from generating purchase orders to converting quotes into sales orders. It verifies credit limits, emails vendor asks, combines invoices, checks delivery status, and much more—saving precious time.

Insight into True Costs

Real-time information and in-depth reporting with drill-down capabilities empower you to track and control costs throughout the entire supply and distribution chain.

Centralized Activity Management

Role-based dashboards ensure that sales and buying managers, as well as shipping and receiving clerks, have all the information they need at their fingertips, enhancing efficiency for their specific tasks.

How OMS Revolutionizes Business Operations

The world of commerce has evolved into a complex ecosystem, with consumers facing many choices and shopping channels. From traditional brick-and-mortar stores to online marketplaces—known as “omnichannel selling”—the competition for consumers' business is fierce. To thrive in this landscape, businesses need an OMS.

An OMS supplies a central hub for managing all sales activities, whether they stem from a single channel or multiple sources. It is where all sales orders come together, setting in motion a predefined, automated order processing chain. 

The underlying process may sound straightforward, but it conceals a myriad of moving parts and behind-the-scenes intricacies. Efficiently managing these complexities, including inventory control, requisitions, cost allocations, approvals, invoicing, and reporting, all in one place, is where the true power of OMS shines. 

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Exploring the Power-Packed key Features of OMS

Enhancing order management for non-stocks items

  • Strengthen your business with flexible pricing and discount strategies for non-stock items.
  • Effortlessly process goods receipts and returns for non-stock items without the need for Inventory Management.

Sales Orders Made Easy for Stock Items

  • Seamlessly manage item prices and discounts for quotes and sales orders of stocked inventory items when Order Management collaborates with Inventory Management.
  • One-click conversion of approved quotes into sales orders and synchronization of orders from connected commerce storefronts, EDI, and other systems.

Discover the Potential through Suggested Items

  • Boost sales with enticing cross-sell and up-sell item suggestions.
  • Bid farewell to missed opportunities with intelligent item substitutions.

Defining Items with Precision

  • Create stock inventory items enriched with attributes.
  • Manage item specifics such as lot or serial numbers, units of measure, and end dates with ease.

Effortless Purchase Requisitioning

  • Bundle requests from various sources into a single requisition.
  • Define approval rules based on quantity, requested amount, and other parameters.

Navigating the Hierarchy of Approvals

  • Create custom-made approval rules for different order types, vendor information, order amounts, and more.
  • Control the release of orders through a predefined approval process.

Selecting Vendors and Evaluating Performance

  • Upload vendor price lists featuring detailed product descriptions, prices, and delivery times
  • Keep an eye on vendor performance over time, keeping valuable statistical information.

Streamlining with Blanket Orders

  • Simplify long-term contracts with ease through blanket sales and purchase orders. 
  • Generate order releases from blanket order contracts, complete with predefined quantities, dates, and ship-to locations.

Landed Cost Functionality: A complete picture

  • Incorporate added shipping and handling costs when buying goods.
  • Allocate costs through customizable methods and seamlessly enter landed cost bills in Accounts Payable, associating them with received goods.

Invoice Consolidation for Efficiency

  • Merge multiple shipment orders into a single invoice, either automatically or manually.
  • Review and update price and discount information before printing the invoice and updating receivables.

Cross-Company Transactions

  • Simplify cross-company buy-sell transactions by automatically creating a sales order in one company from a purchase order in another.
  • Cross-company transactions generate the purchase receipt in the buying company and the sales invoice in the selling company when the bill is created in the buying company.

Elevating Marketing and Sales with CRM

  • Manage marketing lists and execute marketing campaigns with automated lead assignment and campaign performance insights.
  • Streamline sales activities, meetings, attachments, and quotes with a 360-degree view of account, contact, and activity details.

Audit Trail: A Path to Transparency 

  • Automatically create a comprehensive audit trail for all transactions.
  • Every user who enters, approves, or changes transactions is documented, and optional notes and attached electronic documents are still associated with activity records.

Integrated Workflow: Streamlining Every Step

  • Automate order processing and cut unnecessary steps.
  • Configure order status, status changes, actions, notifications, and alerts to trigger automatically during order processing.

Side Panels: A Gateway to Efficiency

  • Distribution side panels provide users with direct access to customers, vendor, items, and order details.
  • Enhance efficiency across sales orders, shipments, invoices, purchase orders, receipts, and more.

Role-Based Dashboards: Staying on Top of Business

  • Stay informed about your business with role-based dashboards designed for sales, buying, shipping, and receiving managers.

Reporting and Drill-Down: The Power of Insight 

  • Analyze and manage your purchasing experience through a complete set of inquiry screens and auditing reports, complete with drill-down capabilities to access original transactions.

Effortless Returns Management

  • Handle the return of goods from customers with Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) features.
  • Each line can be tagged with a reason code, specifying the cause for the return.

Frequently Asked Questions about Acumatica Order Management software

An OMS is a comprehensive solution that orchestrates the entire journey from order creation to fulfillment and post-sales support. It provides an integrated view of transactions, inventory, costs, and vendor relationships, seamlessly connecting with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications to convert opportunities into sales.

An OMS streamlines order processing, reduces errors, accelerates order fulfillment, and automates processes from purchase order generation to converting approved quotes into sales orders. It simplifies pricing management, discounts, and offers real-time insights to track and control costs throughout the supply chain.

Integration of an OMS brings significant benefits, including accelerated order fulfillment, simplified pricing and discounts, efficiency through automation, real-time insight into costs, and role-based dashboard-driven centralized activity management.

The OMS features enhanced management for non-stock items, streamlined sales orders for stock items, intelligent item suggestions for cross-selling and up-selling, precise item definition, effortless purchase requisitioning, hierarchical approval processes, vendor performance evaluation, and efficient returns management.

The OMS enables marketing list management, automated campaign execution, automated lead assignment, and supplies a 360-degree view of account, contact, and activity details. It ensures transparency with a comprehensive audit trail for all transactions and uses role-based dashboards to ease performance tracking.

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