Pipeline Management with odoo

Manage your sales pipeline

I will show you how you can manage your pipeline very easily with Odoo. So first we can go on CRM App and the first thing you will see it's your pipeline. Now, this is an opportunity with the name, tags, amount and the company name or customer name is you are in B2C. We can easily add new stage for map with your sales process and after that, I can easily move my opportunity directly in this stage. Odoo will recalculate automatically the sum. Here, I can see all my pipeline and my goal as a sales guy is to be sure all my pipeline is under control. For that, I must be sure all my opportunities have a next activity scheduled. I can use this icon which indicate me if i'm good. If this icon is in green, that's mean I have a next activity scheduled. If This icon is in red, I'm in late. If it is in gray, That's mean no activity is scheduled.

If you are a sales manager of a director of sales, you want to show all the pipeline and you just need to remove filter and you will see all. You can do your pipeline review with this view.

A new view in Odoo16 allow you to see all your next activities. It's very easy to manage your sales pipeline.

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