Odoo Pricing

How much does it cost to use Odoo? Our pricing page will give you an idea and help get you on track with for the cost of Odoo licensing and deployment. 

Odoo is roughly 5 times less expensive than other leading industry ERPs
27,000 +
Business Applications To Meet industry and Business Specific Needs
5 Million +
Satisfied Businesses and Users Around The World Use The Odoo ERP System 

How Does Pricing For Odoo Work?

Odoo pricing is calculated based on the number of users and modules you deploy in your organization. This can vary by organization. In order to get an Idea of Odoo pricing for your company, you must consider all the different types of costs associated with deploying Odoo.

As a side note: don't let a big price tag fool you. likewise don't fall too quickly for an overrated or popular ERP.  Often time a company may choose an ERP for the wrong reason and end up with overpriced "Cookie-Cutter" ERP solutions that aren't the best fit for their company. There are many ERP vendors on the market. Make sure you choose the best one. 

Odoo Software Licensing Costs

Odoo ERP software licensing starts at around $25 per software User and is charged annually. The cost per user varies across the different modules but remains relatively inexpensive in comparison to other ERP software such as Microsoft Dynamics or NetSuite

Odoo Hosting Costs

Depending on what is most suitable for your business and company size, the Odoo software has a couple of options for hosting your ERP including, on-premise hosting and SaaS, cloud-based hosting either through an integrator or Odoo directly. Your cost for hosting will vary based on your specific data requirements and hosting selection. 

Odoo Implementation Costs

The initial Odoo Implementation or deployment includes business analysis configuration, customization, integration, and user training. The scope of your project, including the level of customizations and new developments, will have an impact on your costs. Most businesses already have a large database of customer contacts and company information. The implementation process also includes the data migration of your database as well. Prior to Odoo implementation some businesses even opt-in for Enterprise Consulting. This gives companies the guidance needed to improve and simplify even the most complex organizational processes, and set companies looking to deploy a new solution on the right track

Odoo Software Support & Matienence

While Odoo rated high in ease of use and implementation, your company may require additional support or maintenance to the ERP even after it goes live. Odoo regularly updates their software and having a support team can help mitigate any potential hassle or questions associated with this. Likewise, a company may discover that they want to add additional modules after the initial implementation later down the line which can mean more configuration. Like any other ERP, the software will always need to align with a company's needs. It is, therefore, necessary to foresee in the long term additional costs for configuration, modification or upgrades as well as any additional developments you may need for your Odoo ERP.

Odoo Applications Pricing

Odoo Apps Pricing

Odoo Website Based Modules

Website  Odoo website builder app

Create beautiful websites and web pages. Website in Odoo is easy to customize and helps you build your online presence with engaging designs and optimization tools. Add a blog or forum to your website. You can even schedule appointments for your organization.

$ 24.00 / Month  

eCommerce Odoo e Commerce

Manage and sell products online easily with drag and drop functionality. Modify product pages and listings or use promotions to cross-sell and upsell products to increase revenue.

      $ 12.00 / Month

Appointments Odoo Appointments Module

Allow your clients to schedule meetings online. Configure customized appointment forms and get the latest updates on your calendar automatically.

       $ 12.00 / Month  

eLearning Odoo eLearning module

Odoo eLearning has all the tools needed to run and manage online courses.

$ 24.00 / Month

Odoo Sales Modules

CRM Odoo CRM module

Customer relationship management. Easily track and manage your leads on their customer journey from new contact submission to a won sale. View new lead opportunities and customer activities and assign related tasks to your sales team .

$ 24.00 / Month

Subscriptions Odoo subscriptions module

Automate your customer subscription management with automatically populated invoices and contracts. Odoo subscriptions gives your customers access to sign-up and easily manage their account at their own convenience.  

$ 24.00 / Month

Sales Odoo sales module

Close deals and accept payments with customizable quotes and invoices that are clean and concise to professionally showcase your products and services in a way that simplifies your workflow and your customers' experience.

$ 12.00 / Month

Rental Odoo rentals module

A singular solution to manage the complete lifecycle of company rental products. This app makes scheduling your rentals is more efficient thanks to real-time overviews that let you stay on top of product availability. 

$ 24.00 / Month

Point of Sale Odoo point of sale

A dynamic, user-friendly and cross-device Point of Sale solution that is well integrated with the rest of your system for selling online and off. Keep track of customer rewards, print receipts, scan barcodes, loyalty cards and more.

$ 24.00 / Month

eSignature Odoo eSignature

Turn into a paperless company with eSign capabilities. Sign documents internally and send documents out to customers and prospects with end-to-end encryption to ensure that only authorized people can access any particular document.

$ 24.00 / Month

Odoo Accounting Modules

Accounting Odoo accounting

Manage your bills and expenses with automatically created invoices throughout your ERP system from sales and delivery orders to employee expenses and more. Get paid faster with eSign and payment reminders or easily create financial reports and statements that are auto-synchronized with your bank. Process  bank reconciliation on the fly.

$ 24.00 / Month

Invoice Odoo invoicing app

Odoo lets users quickly create, send and receive professional invoices with minimal effort. Invoices are automatically billed based on sales orders, delivery orders, contracts, or time and material. Invoices can be easily sent by email as a PDF attachment or printed to be sent through postal mail to customers or suppliers.

$ 12.00 / Month

Expenses Odoo expenses tracking module

Track and manage employee/team expenses. receipts and vendor bills from employee supplies or travel expenses can quickly be uploaded into expense records with a 95.88% recognition rate. Managers can easily validate or reject payments, and create reports.

$ 12.00 / Month

Odoo Operations Modules

Inventory Odoo inventory management

Manage basic stock operations such as delivery notes, inventory adjustments, inventory management receipts, packaging, scrap, inventory transfers and barcode scanning across multiple warehouses.

$ 36.00 / Month

TImesheets Odoo timesheet tracking module

The perfect project management time tracker. Track and manage the time spent on tasks and readjust projects as needed in realtime. Timesheets can be automatically transferred into invoices to bill your clients.

$ 12.00 / Month

Expenses Odoo expenses tracking module

Track and manage employee/team expenses. receipts and vendor bills from employee supplies or travel expenses can quickly be uploaded into expense records with a 95.88% recognition rate. Managers can easily validate or reject payments, and create reports.

$ 12.00 / Month

Project Odoo project management

Organize, schedule, plan and analyze your projects and progress and allocate resources accordingly. Graphs and charts help you analyze data from the various project levels in your organization.

$ 24.00 / Month

Helpdesk Odoo helpdesk

Quickly receive, track, prioritize and respond to customer support tickets. with service license agreements, automated actions, as well as pre-written scripts and canned responses for live chat and emails.

$ 24.00 / Month

Purchase Odoo purchasing module

Manage data suppliers and purchase orders to Improve your supply chain and inventory performance with procurement rules based on stock levels, logistic rules, sales orders, forecast manufacturing orders and more. 

$ 12.00 / Month

Documents Odoo document management

Promote a paperless company, share collaborate and sign off on important documents within your organization from any device. 

$ 24.00 / Month

Field Service Odoo field service module

Access important documents schedule appointments, assign tasks, sell products, provide quotes, plan and track work from your connected device.

$ 12.00 / Month

Odoo Manufacturing Modules

MRP Odoo manufacturing

Use make-to-order rules, minimum stock rules or the master production schedule to automate and manage your manufacturing operations and work orders

$ 48.00 / Month

PLM odoo product lifecycle management app

Manage the entire lifecycle of a product with Odoo's product lifecycle management module. This includes the design, engineering, manufacturing, sales and service of a product up until it reaches its final destination in the supply chain.

$ 24.00 / Month

MRP Maintenance Odoo MRP maintenance

Quickly create and track the progress of maintenance requests from any device to keep your production. You can also measure when your line equipment will need to be worked on or replaced next.

 $ 24.00 / Month

Quality Odoo manufacturing quality assurance

manage your floor's quality control plan with pre-defined checkpoints and alerts that can be set up anywhere from inventory reception to final product inspection.

$ 24.00 / Month

Odoo Human Resources Modules

Recruitment Odoo employee recruiting module

Create and create job postings directly in Odoo. Once submitted candidate info can easily be sorted and tracked for review.

$ 12.00 / Month

Appraisal Odoo employee appraisal module

Set up periodical employee evaluations at predefined intervals and filters to ensure the company is moving in the right direction.

$ 12.00 / Month

Approvals Odoo employee approvals module

Manage, configure, approve, or deny employee requests for travel, office supplies, payments and vehicles and more.

$ 12.00 / Month

Referral Odoo employee referrals module

Encourage and monitor internal recruitment, with a gamified referral system. 

$ 12.00 / Month

Time Off Odoo employee time-off module

Manage employee leaves and vacations, create new leave types, set request quantity limits, and accept & reject requests. Auto populated reports organize data for any particular request, or for the whole company to help plan for employee absences ahead of time.

$ 12.00 / Month

Odoo Marketing Modules

Email Marketing Odoo email marketing

Create awesome segmented campaign emails in just minutes with templates or by building your own from scratch. Easily obtain data regarding opened, clicked, replied and bounced rates to help improve the success of your email campaigns. 

 $ 12.00 / Month

Marketing Automation Odoo marketing automation module

Create emails and automate your workflows and scale your business with well-designed and targeted marketing campaigns with multiple consumer paths and alerts to perform specific tasks based on email actions.

$ 36.00 / Month

Social Marketing Odoo social media management module

Plan, monitor, and analyze your social media accounts in one place. Further engage your audience with push notifications and live website chat.

$ 36.00 / Month

Events Odoo events module

Sell tickets, manage and promote and host your company's physical and virtual events directly in Odoo.

$ 12.00 / Month

Our Odoo Partner Services  

Captivea offers several Odoo project services and because we are an Odoo Gold Partner located in the United States we promise you a high level of support for your Odoo ERP projects

Odoo configuration

Odoo customization

Odoo Integrations

Odoo upgrades

Odoo Accounting And Bookkeeping

Odoo SEO Optimization

Enterprise Consulting 

Data Migration / Data Import


24/7 Customer Support

Whether you’re implementing an entire ERP system or looking for one-off customizations, Captivea works to adjust the Odoo ERP to fit your unique business needs. We recommend Odoo for its ease of use and adaptability.

Frequently Asked Questions About Odoo Pricing

Odoo is a suite of open source business apps fully integrated into one powerful and customizable management software capable of covering every business need. It is a very easy to use business software. Learn More Here

Odoo pricing is calculated based on the number of users and modules you deploy in your organization. 

Odoo has monthly and annual subscriptions available. Annual pricing plans come with a discount. But the Monthly subscription is preferred only if the client uses the odoo online or odoo sh.

We offer personalized Demos of the Odoo ERP software.

Please visit our Odoo Demo page for more information

Odoo now has three options based on how you want it hosted:

  • Cloud Hosting

  • On-Premise (formerly known as Enterprise)

  • Dedicated Cloud **

** Dedicated Cloud is a new option provided by the new odoo.sh PAAS platform

There are three ways to host odoo, includes:

  1. Odoo Online Cloud Hosting

  2. Odoo.sh directly from Odoo

  3. On-Premises using your own infrastructure

The total cost to run Odoo includes the sum of several factors including

  • Odoo licenses for your selected modules and number of users 

  • Hosting

  • Initial implementation cost

  • Customizations

  • Ongoing maintenance and support

With Odoo Enterprise pricing, your company will pay for module licensing based on the number of users. Your implementation however can be hosted wherever you choose.The implementation can be on-site or on any cloud services like AWS, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean and others With Odoo.sh you get the licenses as well as hosting directly from Odoo. As an Odoo Gold Partner, Captivea is able to support your Odoo integration in either case. 

Odoo Studio is a module that allows users to customize Odoo modules or apps. The price of the Odoo Studio app is $72/month.

Can Odoo Be Used As a Standalone CRM Software?

While Odoo is an ERP software it can also be used as just a CRM. Some of our clients have chosen to do this and have gotten great results. You can always add on other applications when your business requires it. 

Learn More On Our Client Testimonial Page 

Yes, Odoo is free if you are using the Odoo's community version. However, in comparison to Odoo's enterprise Edition, Odoo Community doesn’t have a lot of features as Odoo could only offer so much in their open source addition.

The enterprise edition of odoo is a paid version of ERP that provides you with additional domain features, modules and services that are not available in the community version of Odoo. 

  • Odoo Studio,

  • Full Accounting (Bank Statement Imports, Billing Digitalization, Budgets, Checks, Consolidation, Localizations, Reports, ...)

  • Project Management Forecasts

  • VoIP Integration

  • eSignature

  • Subscriptions

  • Rental

  • Digital products

  • Helpdesk

  • Field Service

  • Payroll

  • Appraisals

  • Approvals

  • Employee Referral

  • Departments Dashboard

  • Barcode support

  • Shipping Connectors

  • DHL Express, UPS, USPS, Fedex, BPost, Easypost

  • Multi-company flows

  • IoT

  • MRP II

  • (Work center Control Panel and Scheduling)

  • PLM

  • Quality

  • Form Builder

  • Call-to-Actions Blocks

  • Versioning

  • A/B Testing

  • Amazon Connector

  • eBay Connector

  • Marketing Automation

  • Lead Scoring

  • Email Marketing Templates

  • Appointments

Captivea USA does not offer support for Odoo's open-source edition, Odoo Community.

Yes! We offer a free personalized demo and a free trial of Odoo upon completion. Please contact us to schedule yours

Captivea offers onsite services. Please contact us directly for more information.

On-premise hosting has a number of benefits for the IT department. This is a mode of ERP hosting that gives the IT department total control over its IT infrastructure.

If you have no particular reason to host Odoo in on-premise mode and you would prefer to reduce your costs as much as possible, you can opt for the Odoo cloud. Indeed, choosing an SaaS package that uses the publisher’s cloud is the most economical solution, which is its primary benefit. But be careful, because this alternative has its limitations.

This solution is a much more economical when compared to on-premise hosting because you will save the time-consuming maintenance and the costs involved with your own IT infrastructure.Everything is manged by your integrator. It also provides you with additional ease of mind in terms of support.