Comparison Between Odoo and Microsoft Dynamics

What are the differences between these two business management software?

Odoo vs Microsoft Dynamics

Which one to choose?

The choice of an ERP in a company is a very important choice to make.

Given the costs associated with implementing a new business management software and the impact it will have on the future of your business, it is essential to make a well-researched decision and choose the software that best suits your company

The questions to ask yourself

The questions to ask before choosing between Odoo and NetSuite:

  • What features does my company need the most?

  • Will the software be able to scale with the growth of my company?

  • What are the implementation costs and what are the annual costs?

  • What level of customization will our business require?

Odoo vs Microsoft Dynamics The questions to ask yourself


A comprehensive and cost-effective enterprise resource planning software Odoo is a suite of fully integrated, and customizable open-source business management applications.

Odoo integrates CRM, sales, project management, manufacturing, inventory, accounting, human resources management, marketing activities, customer support tools and other business activities into a single software solution.

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Microsoft Dynamic

Microsoft's very own Enterprise Resource Planning solution. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers an ERP suite of customer-focused tools that allow businesses to track leads, automate field service, drive sales and improve their operations using mobile, enterprise-ready business apps that can be hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

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Level of Customization

 Some of the most basic customizations in Dynamics require extensive coding work. In Odoo customization is at the forefront and many customizations can be done without coding experience. Much more can be customized in Odoo

The Price

The licensing terms and pricing between the two are vastly different. With a starting price of $113 per month per user, the price of Microsoft is more expensive than Odoo. 

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Software Implementation

One of the drawing points for  Microsoft dynamics is that it is relatively easy to implement. However, Microsoft's software flexibility has also been criticized to result in inefficient or unnecessary software configurations that veer away from the scope of the original software. Microsoft Dynamics is very well known but its reseller ecosystem is largely fragmented and inconsistent which can intentionally have negative impacts on your implementation.

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Sales Force Management 

When it comes to sales management, Microsoft Dynamics has some powerful tools for creating and modifying workflows for customer journeys. Dynamics also works well in guiding sales teams through essential actions such as call scheduling and email marketing. However, unlike Odoo, Microsoft's ERP software has a poor interface that hinders proper usage of some key features. Odoo's automation and integration to apps such as invoicing and accounting makes it much more useful for sales management.

Microsoft Dynamics | 8.0

Odoo | 9.1


Reporting in Microsoft Dynamics leaves a lot to be desired. The layout is not much of an upgrade from typical Microsoft spreadsheets. Odoo surpasses in this area with responsive real-time reporting that can be displayed on beautifully designed charts and graphs.

Microsoft Dynamics | 6.4

Odoo | 8.1


Odoo has a fast and reliable CRM interface that allows users to quickly manage their customers and schedule activities all in one view. Microsoft Dynamics has had many instances of crashing. The CRM interface is also lacking, making it difficult to configure and navigate.

Microsoft Dynamics | 7.8

Odoo | 8.5

Manufacturing Features

When it comes to manufacturing and inventory management there are a few Odoo features that won't be found in Microsoft such as machine and equipment management and maintenance KPIs. Ratings for key manufacturing software features such as master production schedule and bill of materials have a lower user rating in Microsoft than in Odoo. Odoo is advanced in its ability to manage and maintain the efficiency of a manufacturing shop floor.

Microsoft Dynamics | 7.5

Odoo | 8.7


Both Odoo and Dynamics have a wide range of functions to optimize business operations. Microsoft Dynamics has extended functionality through its third party market of applications and integration with the Microsoft Office Suite. However, when we consider the "out-of-the-box" functionality of both ERPs, Odoo is more readily functional and compatible with third party devices and applications. In order to get Dynamics to work well in your organization, there is a great deal of customization that must be done first. This can greatly increase your implementation timeline and your total project cost.

Microsoft Dynamics | 6.8

Odoo | 8.7

Odoo sAP to conclude

Odoo Vs Microsoft Dynamics: The Verdict

Microsoft Dynamics' line of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software applications are well known around the world. It is an overall business management solution However, Microsoft has some expensive licensing costs, even getting their ERP and CRM to function on mobile devices comes at an additional cost per user. For Odoo's cloud-based interface mobile accessibility is built-in.

Simply put Odoo stretches beyond the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics. As Microsoft users begin to leave for more intuitive business solutions, Odoo enters the market as a legitimate contender for businesses looking to upgrade to a more inclusive software with more customization.

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