Looking for an Acumatica partner in the USA? No need to look any further. You have at your disposal our team of experts in the implementation of Acumatica solutions for organizations of all sizes. With our in-depth knowledge of this cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, we can provide you with specialized support to optimize your processes with a tool that will set you apart from your competitors.

As a CEGID VAR partner in the USA, CAPTIVEA understands the specific needs of companies operating in North America. We offer a complete suite of Acumatica services. Discover how all-in-one ERP software is revolutionizing business management. 

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Take advantage of CAPTIVEA's ERP integration experience in North America!

CAPTIVEA, as an Acumatica Value-Added Reseller (VAR), excels in the mid-market with over 15 years of global experience. We understand the specific needs of your industry and are ready to guide you every step of the way, from sales to implementation.

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At CAPTIVEA, we're committed to offering you much more than software. Our dedicated team ensures exceptional customization, integration, training and support to meet your unique needs.

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At CAPTIVEA, as your VAR partner in the USA, we offer you unrivalled expertise to maximize the value of your investment. This is achieved not only through our in-depth knowledge of Acumatica ERP, but also through our understanding of your specific needs and requirements.


Do you need a cloud-based ERP solution?

With its open architecture, Acumatica provides complete coverage of all aspects of your business. From managing your website and/or eCommerce platform to your sales, project management, marketing and financial operations, and manufacturing processes.

With Acumatica, you benefit from a range of industry solutions tailored to the specific needs of your organization. 

Do you need an all-in-one management solution with unique features?

Acumatica's ERP solution enables companies to take advantage of multiple customization options. Whether at functional or user interface level, you can freely adapt your system to your processes, workflows and reporting needs. You can also develop modules or applications specific to your industry or activities.

Acumatica's high level of customization will enable your company to optimize operations, reduce inefficiencies and improve overall productivity.

Are you concerned about the security of your data and business operations?

Acumatica is a fully integrated, but above all cloud-based ERP. Designed for medium-sized and small companies in all sectors, this management software is hosted on remote servers and is subject to continuous updates. You can access it via the Internet, guaranteeing greater security and accessibility.

If you're looking to streamline and optimize your operations, Acumatica is a cost-effective, state-of-the-art solution for any modern business.


Acumatica, a software adapted to your needs

Is your company faced with changing needs in its quest for growth?

Scalability is an essential aspect of ERP systems. Acumatica is no exception. Whether you want to add further functionality, expand the number of users, or handle a growing volume of information, the management software adapts to your company's needs, without infrastructure management costs or extensive technical intervention.

Do you want to manage your operations and customer exchanges from a mobile device?

As with scalability, mobile compatibility is of great importance for modern management software. Acumatica has the advantage of seamless integration with all mobile devices (Android and iOS). The ERP lets you take advantage of its native mobile applications and responsive design anytime, anywhere.

With Acumatica, you can view important data and perform critical tasks easily from your smartphone or tablet. 

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We are an experienced and certified VAR partner in North America

As a complete ERP solution, Acumatica software can be used in many industries. However, Acumatica differs from other software providers in that it has no direct sales force. Instead, it markets its products exclusively through its worldwide network of value-added resellers. CAPTIVEA is one of these partners.

CAPTIVEA has enjoyed considerable success in the mid-market in its role as CEGID's VAR partner. Its solid experience in selling and implementing Acumatica worldwide enables our team to help your company achieve its objectives through the use of the software. In addition, we offer dedicated support to help you make the most of your ERP investment. 

With our Acumatica VAR Partner services, you benefit from a complete management solution that meets all your business challenges. They guarantee you expert advice combined with personalized support, a formula that will revolutionize your operations. Trusting us also means taking ownership of your company's future, and seeing your efficiency, customer satisfaction and profits soar.

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Our ACUMATICA Services

With an international presence, CAPTIVEA is a reputable and certified Acumatica VAR partner. We have free access to the latest updates of Acumatica cloud ERP modules and resources. This advantage enables our US team to offer high quality service and support to our corporate customers. They are assured of a trustworthy and stable collaboration.

Within our organization, we welcome opportunities to share our diverse cultural experiences. We are also convinced that the key to successful Acumatica implementation is selecting the right Acumatica partner. Our team is dedicated to delivering projects that exceed our customers' expectations. To do this, we provide live support and guide them through the Acumatica software.

CAPTIVEA is also a company that relies on consistency and proven methodologies. This means we can guarantee you optimized results, tailored to your budget and achieved in the shortest possible time. With CAPTIVEA's implementation services, you'll have access to the right solution for your needs, and be up and running quickly. You'll empower your team while retaining full control over your Acumatica ERP software.


ACUMATICA Implementation

CAPTIVEA's team of U.S. experts will work with you to better understand your company's needs. We can then customize your Acumatica cloud-based ERP to meet those needs. We'll guide you every step of the way as you implement your business management software. As a CEGID VAR partner in the USA, we'll make sure your Acumatica system is up and running as quickly as possible.


ACUMATICA Integration

In addition to its extensive range of integrated tools and applications, Acumatica can be combined with a variety of third-party software. These include payment gateways and commerce platforms. Our experts can help you integrate Acumatica into your existing systems. You'll be able to synchronize and update your data in real time.

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ACUMATICA Customization

Acumatica offers multiple customization options to adapt to your organization's specific needs. Our team of developers in North America can help you customize your Acumatica system. This will enable it to align with your workflows and processes. Given the complexity of ERP platform customization, selecting the right VAR partner for your project is essential.



Our team of specialists can provide ongoing support to keep your Acumatica system running smoothly. We offer a variety of remote, telephone and e-mail support options.

We can provide on-site and off-site certified Acumatica consultants

Thanks to its experience and technical expertise in open source ERP solutions, CAPTIVEA is an Acumatica VAR partner of choice in the United States. Our team of experts can assist you with all your projects requiring Acumatica integration, migration and/or development. 

We have a complete understanding of the Acumatica cloud ERP system. This has enabled us to support a large number of customers. CAPTIVEA's Acumatica solutions help you meet your business needs while optimizing your company's growth.

We are also aware that every organization has its own requirements when it comes to managing its business processes. Financial management, point-of-sale management, inventory management, order management, CRM, manufacturing management, service management, sales connectors..., we'll work with you to identify the Acumatica functionalities that are both useful and essential to the smooth running of your organization.

So whether you're implementing Acumatica software for the first time, or migrating from an older ERP version, our certified specialists are here to support you every step of the way. They are committed to providing you with ongoing support and ensuring that your system goes live quickly and efficiently.

Put your trust in us as an official Acumatica VAR partner, and let us support you in the development of your business. Take advantage of our proven expertise and methodology to make your organization thrive. Committed professionals will be happy to advise you, and help you master and operate Acumatica effectively.

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As an Acumatica VAR partner in the United States, we can help you optimize your operations. Take advantage of our services to achieve your business objectives and improve your productivity. 

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