Cegid XRP Flex: The Cloud Solution for Enhanced Production Efficiency

Explore the Key Features of Cegid XRP Flex for Production Management. Discover How This ERP Solution Can Transform your Production Chain, Resource Planning, and Operations Control.

Key Features of Production Management in Cegid XRP Flex

Cegid XRP Flex stands out with its features specifically designed to address the challenges of production management, thereby providing a comprehensive and adaptable solution to meet market demands.

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Production Process Management

In production management, it is essential to control production processes to ensure a smooth and continuous workflow. Production process management includes:

  • Generating Manufacturing Quotes: With Cegid XRP Flex, you can quickly generate detailed quotes, taking into account various parameters such as material costs, labor, and lead times. This feature enables your sales teams to provide accurate and competitive estimates.
  • Order Processing and Production Launch: Once quotes are approved, the seamless integration of Order Management in Cegid XRP Flex facilitates the swift launch of production. Through automated processes and streamlined workflows, you'll experience reduced production lead times.
  • Adjusting Production Configuration to Market Needs: Cegid XRP Flex's production management allows production planners and machine operators to easily adjust manufacturing configurations based on market demands. Whether modifying assembly parameters, adapting inventory levels, or altering production routes, this ERP ensures maximum responsiveness to your business's changing needs.

Inventory and Supply Management

To assist you in anticipating future needs and ensuring real-time supply, features such as demand forecasting, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), and supplier management are available to you.

Cegid XRP Flex's production management provides advanced features for order and procurement management, allowing you to streamline procurement processes and maximize operational efficiency. Whether it's automating purchase order creation, managing supplier contracts, or tracking supplier performance, Cegid XRP Flex equips you with the necessary tools to optimize your production operations.

Your inventory managers will be able to manage stocks and supplies by balancing the demand and availability of raw materials and components. As a result, supply chain managers will benefit from better production chain management.

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Manufacturing Order Management

This ERP facilitates the creation of manufacturing orders by allowing you to generate orders based on customer orders, sales forecasts, or internal needs.

You will also be able to specify the precise details of each order, such as:

  • Quantities to be produced
  • Required raw materials
  • Production lead times

The production management of Cegid XRP Flex enables production sequencing, allocation of available resources, and downtime reduction.

To optimize resource utilization, integrated features consider various factors, such as:

  • Machine capabilities
  • Worker skills
  • Calendar constraints

Quality Control and Traceability

Implementing this ERP system grants you access to integrated tools specifically designed to ensure quality management and traceability throughout the production process.

  • Complete traceability of raw materials and components : You benefit from full visibility into the origin and journey of each element involved in the manufacturing of your products, including essential components. This transparency enables production directors to quickly detect any stock shortages from your suppliers, thereby facilitating prompt decision-making to avoid delays in your production process.
    Through precise tracking of product lifecycle endpoints and constant monitoring of new regulations, you can anticipate upcoming changes and comply with evolving standards, ensuring continuity and compliance in your production operations.
  • Automated quality control: Implementing reliable quality controls at each stage of production is possible through automated processes and predefined parameters. You can instantly detect defects and anomalies, intervene at the right time, and ensure consistent quality of your products.
  • Ensuring compliance and quality: By integrating quality management and traceability tools into your production process with Cegid XRP Flex, you can ensure full compliance with current standards and regulations, as well as the quality of your products. By ensuring complete traceability of components and automating quality control procedures, our solution helps you to minimize risks.

Production Cost Tracking

Once production is underway, it's important to have production cost management in place. The stock manager needs to monitor expenses related to manufacturing to maintain profitability: labor costs, raw material costs, and other resources essential to the manufacturing process. Cegid XRP Flex provides you with the necessary features to facilitate this production cost management.

With the ERP Cegid XRP Flex, you benefit from advanced production cost tracking tools that allow you to analyze every aspect of manufacturing expenses. You can :

  • Monitor costs per production unit
  • Track price variations of raw materials and various components
  • Evaluate the performance of equipment and production teams
  • Identify potential inefficiencies in the manufacturing process

You will also have customizable reporting tools to visualize data clearly, facilitating strategic decision-making.


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Standout Features of Cegid XRP Flex


Phantom Products

Phantom products are references in a stock management system without physical inventory. Cegid XRP Flex allows modeling complex product structures. Items needed in manufacturing can be defined without being sold directly. Here are the key points:

  • Bill of Materials Structure​ : Phantom products are integrated into the product bill of materials structure to define relationships between different components and sub-assemblies
  • Inventory Management : Although not stocked as finished products, you can manage quantities of these components necessary for manufacturing. Stock movements related to them are accounted for in overall inventory management.
  • Production Planning : The presence of phantom products in the product bill of materials facilitates planning by considering dependencies between different components and sub-assemblies.
  • Cost Analysis : This management allows for precise tracking of manufacturing costs by allocating the costs of components and sub-assemblies to corresponding finished products.

Multi-level Bill of Materials

Cegid XRP Flex's multi-level bill of materials provides a flexible approach to modeling product structures.

This feature allows you to:

  • Create bill of materials structures with an unlimited number of levels. This enables you to break down products into multiple sub-assemblies and components.
  • Define hierarchical relationships between different elements of a product to facilitate the representation of sub-assemblies and constituent parts.
  • Accurately track production costs by allocating component costs to each level of the structure.

Net Requirements Calculation

Net Requirements Calculation in Cegid XRP Flex's production management involves determining the quantity of raw materials and components needed to meet demand for finished products. This takes into account existing inventory, pending orders, and sales forecasts.

This feature will assist you in planning purchases and production to avoid inventory issues while meeting customer demand.


Product Configurator

This module will give you the ability to configure and customize products according to the specific needs of your customers. A product can be tailor-made by selecting various options, features, or variants.

This option in Cegid XRP Flex will allow you to ensure that the product configuration is feasible on your end, while allowing the customer to visualize the final product in advance. The quotation generation will then be based on the configurations and modifications chosen by the customer.

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With the advanced features of Cegid XRP Flex and our guidance, you will be able to increase the efficiency of your production operations and enhance visibility into your processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Production Management in Cegid XRP Flex

Users can expect features such as production planning, manufacturing order management, inventory management, production cost tracking, as well as advanced features like quality management and traceability.

This enterprise management software provides advanced planning tools that allow users to create and manage manufacturing orders, define production schedules, allocate resources, and track progress.

Yes, the ERP offers comprehensive inventory management features, including management of raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products used in the production process.

Users will be able to track production costs, including material costs, labor costs, and overhead expenses, to calculate the total production cost and analyze profitability.

You will have quality management features that allow users to define quality standards, track non-conformities, and implement corrective actions. Additionally, product traceability is supported to track the origin and journey of products throughout the production chain.

Yes, this ERP system is designed to be configurable and adaptable to the specific needs of different industries, allowing integration of specific manufacturing processes and customized workflows.

Cegid typically offers comprehensive technical support, including detailed documentation, training, consulting services, and telephone or online assistance to help users make the most of the ERP in their production management operations.

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