Acumatica Software

Acumatica software is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that is both powerful, versatile, and user-friendly. It is available for businesses of all sizes and across various industries. This system can assist you in effectively managing your business processes and ensuring success in your market.

Deploy a business management software adaptable to all industries

The Acumatica software can be utilized across various industries. This integrated management system, with industry-specific applications, enables you to leverage powerful solutions for information and automation throughout your organization: 

  • SMEs: Affordable and user-friendly solution, ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Manufacturing: Powerful production management features to optimize your operations
  • Distribution: Robust inventory management and supply chain management features for efficient stock and delivery management
  • Services: CRM and project management features for optimal customer relationship and project management
  • Retail: Point of sale (POS) and inventory management features for effective store management and sales tracking
  • Construction: Project management and cost management features to meet budgets and deadlines
  • Agri-food: Traceability and supply chain management features to track products from farm to table

One Software, Multiple Applications

All application suites within the Acumatica cloud software seamlessly integrate with each other and utilize a centralized database. Some suites can be deployed individually:

  • Financial Management: accounting, budgeting, asset management, cash management
  • Inventory Management: stock level tracking, order management, supply chain optimization
  • Production Management: planning and management of production processes
  • Supply Chain Management: supplier management, order tracking, stock flow optimization
  • CRM: customer relationship management, sales opportunity tracking, customer loyalty
  • Project Management: planning, management, and tracking of projects
  • Business Intelligence: data analysis and decision support tool

However, you can combine certain of these applications depending on your company's industry:

  • General Business: advanced accounting, reporting and dashboards, customer management, project accounting...
  • Manufacturing: production management, product definition, distribution management, planning and scheduling, automation and data collection...
  • Distribution: procurement, inventory management, warehouse management, sales management, commerce and point of sale, finance and reporting...
  • Commerce: commerce engine, financial management, order management, customer management, inventory data management...
  • On-Site Service: service management, scheduling, connected modules, contact management, accounting...
  • Construction: project management, project cost accounting, inventory management, time and labor...

How to Leverage Acumatica Software?

Acumatica software offers numerous benefits:

  • Scalability: Acumatica evolves to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises.
  • Flexibility: The system adapts to the specific needs of each company, especially regarding payments (purchase of a license or subscription).
  • Ease of Use: The software employs an intuitive interface accessible to users of all levels.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Acumatica provides excellent value for a profitable investment.
  • Mobility: The software is accessible from any device, anywhere, for maximum flexibility.
  • Security: The system protects your company's sensitive data through robust security measures.
  • Deployment Choice: Acumatica offers multiple deployment options (hosted, SaaS, or on-premises) with the ability to easily transition between them as your organization's needs evolve.
  • Customization: The system allows for various configurations and integration of third-party add-on modules to extend its capabilities.

Captivea's Expertise at Your Service for System Implementation

As an experienced software integrator, Captivea supports you in the implementation and use of Acumatica software. Our team of experts will help you make the most of this powerful software solution and achieve your growth objectives.

Ready to optimize your business processes and propel your company to new heights? Contact Captivea today to discover how Acumatica software can help you reach your goals.