Acumatica Pricing

Selecting the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is crucial for any business looking to grow and thrive in a highly competitive environment. Acumatica stands out as a comprehensive business management software, enabling organizations of all sizes to enhance efficiency and performance.

Overview of Acumatica Pricing

As a leading ERP solution, Acumatica offers a range of features and pricing options tailored to the needs of various businesses. The software can meet your company's needs without breaking the bank.

Acumatica's pricing model is complex. It's not possible to determine in advance the exact investment amount that one can expect. The price of Acumatica varies depending on certain factors resulting from your decisions as a user.

You need to understand all these factors to facilitate your discussions with your Acumatica partner when it comes time to discuss pricing. That's why Captivea provides an overview as an authorized Acumatica partner!


What influences the cost of Acumatica?

Unlike most ERPs, the price of Acumatica Cloud ERP is not based on the number of end users (you have unlimited users!), but rather on the features used, transaction volume, and licenses.

Features and Modules

Acumatica offers a wide range of features to assist as many businesses as possible. However, it's unlikely that a single business will need all the features offered by this integrated management software. That's why the company has broken down its product offering into ″Editions” for various industries and ″Add-on Modules” for different functions (operational, financial, commercial, etc.).

General Edition

The General Edition is a versatile edition that primarily provides accounting and financial reporting tools. It's suitable for a variety of businesses and serves as a comprehensive solution for financial management.

Construction Edition

The Construction Edition includes financial tools and features for project cost calculation and management. It's ideal for construction industry companies needing to efficiently manage their projects and budgets.

Manufacturing Edition

The Manufacturing Edition offers financial tools along with Bill of Materials (BOM) management and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) capabilities. It's suitable for manufacturing companies looking to optimize their production processes.


Retail Edition

The Retail Edition provides financial tools, order and inventory management features, and pre-built eCommerce integration. It's tailored for retail businesses seeking to efficiently manage their inventory and expand their online presence.

Distribution Edition

The Distribution Edition includes financial tools along with order and inventory management features. It's suitable for distribution industry companies needing a comprehensive solution to manage their supply chain.

Additional Modules to meet all your needs

In addition to the Editions, Acumatica also offers a range of additional modules to meet the unique needs of businesses. These modules include:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Payroll
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Project Accounting
  • Recurring Revenue
  • Deferred Revenue
  • And many more

You can choose from these different editions and modules and customize your pricing plan and integrated management system with the additional modules that meet all the needs of your organization. This allows you to enjoy Acumatica's cloud ERP at an affordable price.


Transaction Volume

The cost of your Acumatica license depends on the volume of business transactions your company conducts. Acumatica uses this volume to assess the size of your business and adjust your license accordingly. You only pay for what you need, with no hidden fees or excessive charges.

SaaS, Cloud, or Perpetual Licenses

Acumatica offers a variety of licensing methods, including standard SaaS subscriptions, private cloud subscriptions, and perpetual licenses in the cloud. Choose the method best suits your company or organization, considering your preferences and budget.

Acumatica SaaS Subscription

The SaaS subscription is the most common method, reducing your initial costs, eliminating server fees, and providing maximum flexibility to scale your business.

Acumatica Private Cloud Subscription (PCS)

The PCS subscription is like the SaaS model but allows you to self-host the Acumatica platform or choose a third-party provider.

Acumatica Cloud Perpetual License (PCP)

The PCP subscription provides you with perpetual usage rights, ideal if you prefer a larger initial investment and reduced monthly fees, and internal management of the solution.


Consult Captivea and Choose Your Pricing

At Captivea, we are passionate about helping businesses harness the full power of Acumatica to transform their operations, achieve sustainable success, and get the best return on investment (ROI).

Our team of Acumatica consultants will work closely with you to understand your goals. We can then develop a custom pricing plan that respects your budget and meets your growth objectives.

Contact us today for a free consultation and personalized analysis of your Acumatica pricing options and let us show you how this integrated management software can drive your business development.

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Other Costs Associated with Acumatica ERP Installation

You should expect additional costs when purchasing Acumatica. It's essential to consider them so that you can have a complete overview of your investment.

Acumatica Implementation Costs

Implementing Acumatica involves configuring the platform according to user needs. This process typically takes a few months and requires assistance from Acumatica partners like Captivea, an Acumatica VAR Partner.

Migration Costs

If you're transitioning from another ERP or other software, Captivea takes care of migrating your existing data (reference items, structural data, and management elements). We retrieve them to import them into your new Acumatica ERP database.

Acumatica Customization Costs

Customization may be necessary to meet specific business needs. At Captivea, our role is to guide you through this customization process and advise you on what needs to be implemented and/or on internal processes within your company that can be adjusted to match Acumatica's standards.

Third-Party Software Integration Costs

As a company, you may need to connect your third-party software to your ERP to optimize your operations and processes. Captivea supports you at every phase of your project to help you centralize and consolidate your data within a single platform.

Acumatica Training Costs

Training is an excellent way for new users to make the most of the Acumatica platform. At Captivea, all our projects include training for all your key users to support them through the change.

Acumatica Support Costs

Once your project is completed, Captivea remains by your side to provide support, whether it's for potential bug fixes or improvements to your ERP.


Frequently Asked Questions on Acumatica Pricing

The cost of Acumatica depends on various factors such as the features used, transaction volume, and licenses. At Captivea, we offer a free consultation to assess your needs and provide you with a personalized pricing plan.

Unlike most ERPs, Acumatica does not charge based on the number of end users, but rather on the features used, transaction volume, and licenses.

Acumatica offers several editions tailored to different industries, such as the general edition, construction edition, manufacturing edition, retail edition, and distribution edition. Each edition offers specific features to meet your business needs.

Yes, at Captivea, we work closely with you to customize your pricing plan based on your specific needs, budget, and growth objectives.

Acumatica offers standard SaaS subscriptions, private cloud subscriptions, and perpetual licenses in the cloud. You can choose the method that best suits your business based on your preferences and budget.

Additional costs may include implementation, data migration, customization, integration of third-party software, training, and support. At Captivea, we accompany you at every step of your project to ensure a successful implementation.

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