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We help organizations succeed in the future world with a unique approach to software deployment

Our mission is accomplished with a strong respect of our values 

Customer satisfaction

We love all our clients and provide a dedicated service for them. We are reactive, honest and definitely solution-oriented.


Performance is a core value of our strategy. We measure and encourage personal performance. We also take care of our client performance by providing a high level of added value.

Cultural diversity

We are different and better because we are inspired by the best of every culture in the group.








Reason to not start with us

We believe in cultural diversity

International presence

Captivea is an International Group located in 3 continents. Each country has its own independence and way of working. Our different locations share knowledge and their way of thinking in order to inspire one another and embrace diversity.

Cultural Diversity is a strength

Our employees share experiences and knowledge which in turn helps improve their skills and capabilities. Allowing us to deliver a different and better service to our customers.

Sharing VS Globalization

For us, it's really important that each country, each culture keep its way of thinking. Working in an international company provides the opportunity to learn about different cultures and grow internally as an individual. It's a way to reveal who you are, keep your own culture and be inspired by others.


We believe in the future

Amazing technologies are out there

There are a lot of amazing technologies available right now in the market. Especially when we talk about software for companies.

Organizations struggle with growth

A lot of companies are struggling to grow, hire and focus on their core business because they don't have properly implemented software that functions the way they need it to.

Be the link between organizations and the technology

We are the link between the amazing existing technology and the companies that need them. We help them choose and deploy the right software for their organization.