Develop an ITAR project with Odoo ERP

We are ITAR compliant in USA

We know how confidential your data is

As a defense supplier, we know and we understand what privacy and confidential mean. Our job is to provide you, with Odoo ERP, an ERP system fully compliant with ITAR regulations rules.

We can provide certified ITAR US citizens

Whether it’s working on-site at your company or working remotely on our office, we can provide you with ITAR certified American consultants who have been trained on the different ITAR regulations rules.

We developed a documented ITAR compliance program for each ITAR project we are working on

In order to protect datas from the project and who can access it, we develop with you a documented ITAR compliance program and we not sharing these with anyone, even our other subsidiaries around the world.

ContaCt our team of expert for your ITAR project

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What is an ITAR project and what are the requirements

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is a set of regulations administered by the United States Department of State that controls the export and import of defense-related or space-related articles and services.

A service provider which works on an ITAR project, as CAPTIVEA, must filled the following requirements:

  • Only US citizen can work on an ITAR project and have access to datas
  • The service provider must implement a documented ITAR compliance program with a secure sharing of ITAR data with end-to-end encryption
  • The service provider must not have violated ITAR compliance regulations rules

They work with CAPTIVEA as an ITAR compliant supplier


Use odoo ERP as an ITAR compliance software

Approved or denied party checks

Manage your database of ATF approved customers with Odoo ERP and make sure your documents and shipments can only go to approved parties.

End to end data encryption

Odoo ERP is able to be encrypted from end-to-end and to protect any contents or datas which are available in your ERP.

Secure document storage

Manage all your documents and who can access what in the same environment with the document application integrated into Odoo.

License application checks

By recording every customer information into the same tool, Odoo ERP will help you managing your customer licensing and resolve any issue linked to.

ITAR customer checks

Verify that your customers are ITAR compliant  before send them any documents or shipments become easy with Odoo ERP software

Management of regulated parts

With Odoo ERP, you can control the different regulations rule applied on any product or part of the product