ERP Consultant Orlando

Orlando, United States

Company Description:

Captivea, founded in 2013 in Chambery France, now spans the Americas, Europe, and Asia with 4 offices helping customers of diverse backgrounds with interesting problems. We focus on customer-focused solutions with software, business consulting, and accounting services. We love our line of work because we are constantly learning and developing. Part of what makes us great is that we blend our many cultures and learn constantly from each other. We believe firmly in a strong collaborative environment and ensure transparency across the entire organization.

Job Description:

The ERP Consultant will be primarily responsible for implementing and providing support for Enterprise Resource Planning systems for companies among many varied industries and channels. Captivea ERP Consultants may specialize in either Functional or Technical roles, and use their intuitive nature and relationship-building skills to help translate customer needs into solutions.

A typical day may involve any combination of the below:

Analyze systems, non-software-based processes, and workflows and work directly with clients and management to define system requirements, design and propose solutions, configure the software, and train employees.

Optimizing the system for easy use, and training employees in its functions.

Generally, a training program will be organized to educate employees as efficiently as possible.

Meeting directly with customers and clients to find out their ERP-related needs.

They will then incorporate these needs into a cohesive plan that serves the company’s full client pool.

Performing day-to-day maintenance on the ERP system, as well as installing new upgrades and testing for bugs.

System configuration and data migration will be part of the job responsibilities as well.

Coordinate with other branches of the company to ensure their needs are met in any upgrades of the system.

They will then develop a cohesive plan to be presented to the relevant company management.

In addition to this Captivea has a very merit-based promotion system and incredibly competitive pay package that rewards Consultants as they continue to specialize and learn more about functional skillsets whether it's Business Management, Marketing, Logistics, Accounting, or Web Design. The people that typically do the best in this position and rise the fastest are those who enjoy learning and are passionate about technology or how things work!